Freedom of speech
July 19, 2011 10:42PM
Looks like they took off another post of mine. It is funny how the two faced people who run a great college radio station are running it into the ground. It looks like these people like freedom of speech when it only benefits them.
Re: Freedom of speech
July 20, 2011 05:38AM
I would like to thank everybody for reading my personal criticisims of biased people who run the radio station, and it does not reflect the positive vibe I get from the radio station. It is a shame a handful of people are making life difficult for the other listeners and radio programmers. I was up in the radio station about 12 years ago when it was down on East 22 and Euclid, and it was right down the street from the old juvenile detention facility and courthouse. I really appreciate the feed back that I have gotten from the listeners and other faculty and personel of the radio station and Cleveland State University. I believe that my post will be taken down tomorrow morning. It is sickening that I can predict when they are going to bastardize my first ammendment rights which they are violating.

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Re: Freedom of speech
July 28, 2011 05:37PM
Don't worry LakeErie11, your post can stay up here until the end of time.
Re: Freedom of speech
July 30, 2011 02:49AM
Let's talk about it. What exactly did THEY censor that you posted ?
Re: Freedom of speech
July 30, 2011 05:36PM
I would like to thank the General Manager for believing that freedom of speech should be free, and the reason why I got my post taken down was because I put up posts criticizing the people who don't believe in freedom of speech, and I criticized the people who buy the station equipment to cut corners. They buy cheaper inferior equipment, and then it breaks down. in the long run, it costs more money to fix the equipment then to buy good namebrand equipment. The other post that I put down was when I gave a donation to the radio station, and I never recieved my premium,and my theory was that they ripped up the check. When I criticized a certain member of the radio station, they said that I was bad mouthing the radion station. Then he made it so I could not get tickets anymore to any events from the radio station.
Re: Freedom of speech
August 13, 2011 05:08AM
Interesting thoughts. First of all, I don't want to see anyone's posts taken down for content with very few exceptions. Releasing personal information of the staff or listeners would definitely be on the list for striking a message. I'm not sure what else I'd cut out if I were in charge.

Regarding equipment purchases... I think the station buys the best equipment that is available on the market at the time of purchase. In the past, we had serious problems with headsets, which would constantly break. A couple years ago we switched over to AKG headsets that have held out remarkably well. It took a long time to find a model that would hold up to 24/7 use and abuse. Computers are another thing that took a long time to get right. We have a decent one in main-air right now that works more often then it doesn't. That's a plus. The wavecart system we use is pretty much an industry standard. The boards we have both in main-air and the production studio were top of the line and brand new to the industry when we got them. We recently purchased remote equipment to enable us to do a remote broadcast from anywhere we can get an internet connection. We've used it to broadcast the 35th anniversary party as well as our Halloween Masquerade Ball and various concerts throughout the year. We also purchased a new digital recorder so our members can go out and record shows, sound effects, traffic and whatever the hell else might tickle our fancy.

There are two equipment issues I can think of. One is the CD players. The sound quality on them is fine but the ones we have do not have some of the features we had on units we purchased more than a decade ago. For the DJ, they they are more difficult to program. Why do we buy them? They are the only industrial model left on the market. With the advent of MP3s, the production of high end CD players has really dropped. The other issue I have is with our phones, which, we've had multiple issues with on and off. The problems in many cases may have been through the university phone system rather then anything we purchased.

To top all of that, we spent a ton of money on moving to our new abode in the Cole Center, which, we will hopefully be in for a long time. We also spent money on the 35th Anniversary Concert, The Halloween Masquerade Balls (we will doing another one this year). BTW, those are/were free events. The only charge is for very modestly priced food and beverages at the shows. I think our Halloween show is the best live event that happens in this city all year long.

What I'm getting at is that we are not cutting corners when it comes down to technology. Are there some things I'd like to see us have that we don't yet? Sure. But I can say that the gear we have and the space we are in puts many professional stations to shame. All of those things are only possible through generous listener donations during Radiothon. We are very fortunate to have a great base of listeners that really appreciate what we do and gladly support us. I'm sorry you had an issue with your donation in the past. It sucks and it should not happen. I do know that Liz, our Development Director, who is in charge of Radiothon is quite helpful at getting donations processed promptly and tracing them through the University and sending out premiums. Your best bet for donating is always to come down to our open house (It will be in early-mid November) and dropping off your donation and picking up your premium at the same time. This way we get your money faster, you get your premium instantly (saving us time and money on packing and postage) and you get to see our space, eat our food, meet our staff and maybe get your hands on some of our WCSBeer.
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