Ready to buy a new computer but no idea what to buy?
November 13, 2012 09:50AM
You’re so into buying a new computer but extremely confused with the terminology being used by your nerdy friends. You dare not ask them because you know they’ll laugh and call you a dummy for not knowing even that. But don’t worry because if you know how to use a keyboard and mouse to access the internet you can get all the information you want and even buy your computer online once you know where to look.

So here’s a little help to make you understand the main components in a computer. The processor and the motherboard are the main elements in a computer with all the little peripherals, hardware and software that help to run the machine being connected to the motherboard. In fact it acts like a circuit board and unless you’re an expert, you will not know how to choose the best motherboard. But suffice to say that the motherboard must be able to support all the components attached to it and getting professional advice is required before you do your shopping.

The next in importance is computer RAM which is where the data you input are stored on a temporary basis. If you do too many tasks at once or are in the habit of downloading a lot of games and videos, your memory will decline resulting in the performance of your computer slowing down. Therefore if you need to boost your computer RAM you will have to find out how much you already have and how much more you will require for the tasks you do.

Next we come to the graphics card which for some is very important while others hardly bother about it. Once again it all depends on what you use your computer for. Gamers and graphic creators will need a high end graphics card which can be gauged by the overall frame rate with the higher the better. But don’t worry about it too much if all you do on your computer is browse the internet, create documents and check your e-mail; because what is built into your machine is quite sufficient for these simple jobs.

A sound card is usually installed in any modern computer, and you should think of installing a more powerful one only if you need to improve the quality of your system for recording and editing videos. Keep in mind that a powerful sound card can be very expensive and if you really need one, first determine the quality of your system before investing in one.

Buying a new computer will most probably mean buying a new monitor as well. You will no doubt be eyeing the latest LCD monitor which is comparatively light, slim and consumes very little energy. The LCD monitor also produces crisp, bright images and a fantastic color ratio that will truly blow you away. So go ahead and buy one but check monitor reviews to see which ones are the best quality wise and price wise too.

Unless you’re a true gamer, you will not be too particular about computer cases. But did you know that gamers really love transparent cases because they can look into the innards of the machine and see how it functions. Weird, would you say? Not really, because it can be a novel way to see all those LED lights in various colors blinking inside like a carnival while the fans work at top speed to keep the machine from overheating. Anyway, hope you learnt something here, so good luck with your computer hunting.
Re: Ready to buy a new computer but no idea what to buy?
January 21, 2013 06:40AM
As a young lady,except brand I just take the computer appearance as the only consideration to decide which one to buy if I want to change a new computer.I also know that men will care more about the computer's configuration,not even to say he is a video game fan.Anyway,I think your information is quite useful for me.I just have the plan to change a new personal computer,your post helps me a lot.Thanks for your sharing and have a nice day.
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