Things you might not have known about your computer
November 19, 2012 05:16AM
In case you’re wondering what the difference is between a normal desktop computer and a workstation computer. The answer is “hardly anything” The latter type came into being in the early days of computers for large organizations and businesses that required carrying out a heavy work load which was not possible through the small desktop PC. A workstation computer is usually connected to a server and mostly run Linux or UNIX operation systems. They are said to have higher capabilities although this is not exactly true today because of the development of desktops PCs that can do everything a workstation computer can do.

Some understanding of how memory is handled in your computer will help you in getting to know your computer better. Computer RAM by itself is not enough to match the speed of your processor. Adding RAM however will speed it up and not having enough will make it run slow. If you wish to run large applications on your machine you will require more RAM than your machine can offer because RAM is responsible for the smooth operation of the system. You can clear RAM space by deleting unnecessary files and programs or buy adding extra RAM through memory sticks.

I’m sure you have heard of the graphics card and what it does in your computer. Its a piece of hardware responsible for the rendering of images on the screen. Its this card that helps you to see all those marvelous pictures on the computer screen and it’s the graphics card that help you to play intensive games and enjoy them to the fullest because of its capability to make those graphics come alive. A graphics card is also needed to edit videos or Photoshop and how powerful a card you need will depend on the work you do on your computer.

Now all those beautiful images you get to see have to be projected to a screen and that’s where the computer monitor plays a huge role. When buying a monitor you have to think of its size and its resolution. Dimensions of a monitor usually refer to the size of its display screen and the best for your personal PC should be neither too big nor too small. People used to CRT screens in the past are now turning to the LCD or LED computer monitor that offer better image quality and color contrasts not to mention the appearance of the monitor which is today very much sleek and good looking.

It’s useful knowing something about the sound card as well especially if you’re into music in a big way. Although the card that is inbuilt into your machine is more than enough for you to listen to music and have chatting sessions with your friends and family or even watch movies, it’s not going to be enough if you’re hoping for advanced renderings such as composing or recording music. If that’s the case with you, do some research online and find yourself the best sound card to enable you to get on with your career in music.

Although as a new computer user you will not have to bother about buying a hard drive since it comes with the machine, you should know that there are two types of hard drives; i.e. the type that’s in your desktop which is of an affordable price and the Enterprise Class hard drive meant for all day, all year functioning and are capable of going up to hundred percent usage apart from being extremely reliable. But, they are very expensive and also very sensitive with the slightest whiff of data corruption resulting in all valuable data being lost.
Re: Things you might not have known about your computer
January 17, 2013 01:55AM
Honestly,I am an idiot to computer.I always make my computer dead.Your information is quite usful for me,I have learned a lot from it.
Thanks very much for your sharing.
So much more than before ,and so much less too.
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