5 kinds of steps to choose taps
July 23, 2013 05:27AM
In addition to ordinary tap outside appearance, the most important is to choose the quality. Good quality water should pay attention to the following 5 kinds of methods and steps.
1, touch
The main components of the shell is generally superior by casting brass, brass the higher the purity of electroplating quality is better, the surface plating layer is not easy to corrosion. Taps online Inferior products will use the alloy materials and engineering plastics in some places instead of to reduce costs, so the service life and quality will be greatly reduced. The proposed purchase select brass material tap. Brass larger proportion, the purchase can be estimated weight of heavy, brass, holding hands in the heavy, can feel the presence of center of gravity. Alloy material with low density, feel soft, weight evenly. Engineering plastics in the hands of light.
In addition, in direct contact with the drinking water standard parts, does not allow the use of zinc alloy material.
2,look at the surface
Surface water generally do nickel and chromium plating process, the formal product requirements are relatively high, the surface gloss uniformity, no burr, porosity, and oxidation stain etc..
3, touched the corner joint
Good faucet with rounded edges without burrs, sharp edges and corners. In addition the main parts of the joints between the junction is very close, no pine city.
4, check valve fittings
The quality is the key for the faucet, faucet spool valve core process accurately, when the handle is driven to swing can feel not loose not tight, light, no block.
In addition, the ceramic plate ceramic valve easy rolling crack, Shower taps attention should be paid to its filtering function, so as not to affect the life of.
5, look at the warranty card and identification marking
Performance test of water factory general to carry out strength, sealing, traffic, noise, life, formal manufacturers of products with the warranty card to
And the brand logo, details of which related to the after sale service and product production process. While some informal products often paste some paper labels, the purchase must be careful.
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