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supreme court to hear case on indecency...

Posted by boogiepop 
supreme court to hear case on indecency...
March 17, 2008 06:31PM
I got this in my e-mail today:

Supreme Court to hear indecency case.
For the first time in 30 years, the Supreme Court takes a case dealing with broadcast indecency. The high court announced this morning it will hear a case that focuses on the FCC's ability to fine stations for unexpected "fleeting expletives." A lower court ruled the FCC had not justified its power, which it also said may violate the First Amendment. Parents Television Council President Tim Winter says "Millions of families are grateful. Such harsh, unedited profanity is unacceptable for broadcast over the publicly-owned airwaves."

More details later today at Insideradio.com

Ugh! I don't feel good about this. Stupid right-leaning Supreme Court.

Yes, you fucked up when you voted for Ralph Nader...
Anonymous User
Re: supreme court to hear case on indecency...
March 17, 2008 09:14PM
I dunno, I see the concern regarding to a "right-leaning" supreme court. However, some of the biggest right winged supporters happen to be owners of TV and radio stations that are always at the brink of stepping over that indecency or obscenity boundary.

Last night, there was absolutely nothing on TV. Just for shits and giggles I put on Americas funniest Home Videos or AFV for short. Two videos caught my attention. One was of a little cute fuzzy wuzzy dog barking his ass off...literally. The scene started with a face shot of the dog barking... ok...so what. Then it cut to the back of the dog. With his tail pointing way up in the air every time the dog barked his asshole (or orifice) expanded. The camera angle was a full center shot of this asshole expanding and contracting. Last time I saw an asshole do that on the small screen was when I rented a copy of "Pink flamingos" during the trailer party scene.

Following that video, there was a cute little grade school recital. There were about 50 kids singing on this bleacher wearing animal costumes. Then the camera zooms in to this one kid wearing a dinosaur custom. The kid has the tail between his legs. To add to the mischief, the kid began to "stroke" his tail simulating masturbation. This video was about 1 minute long. This video was also a finalist for the grand prise of 41 years of Disney world vacation. The video did not win. The most disturbing part about the video was that after the video was shown to the audience they showed the audience's reaction. In the audience there were several Disney characters. After the Dinosaur video on cue during announcer's cute joke about..."talk about a wardrobe malfunction" with the crowd cracking up Miney and Mickey mouse mimed a hilarious laugh followed by the two mice snuggling up and kissing.

This is a family show. A show produced by ABC which is owned by Walt Disney. Last time I checked ABC was pretty right winged. Right wingers are suppose detest the thought of expanding assholes and children playing with phallic objects simulating masturbation. Why then is it OK... money.

FOX...the most right winged networked of them all, air some of the most controversial material on regular network TV.

As many of you know a lot of successful British comedies get remade for American audiences. The most well known sitcom is the office. Usually when these sitcoms are rewritten, colloquialisms aside, the indecent content is usually removed. The exception being "Queer as folk" which was aired on HBO and had excessively more mature content than the original one from the BBC.

Granted HBO is a premium cable channel that is subscribed, many networks are now finding out that Americans want this content. If they don't comply, with the advent of the internet and piracy being so easy... the networks will lose a lot of money if they do not do something about it quick.

When the decision is made a the bench believe you me that the judges will be thinking about all the support that they have gotten from the very people they may screw over if they do not make the "right decision". Judges are suppose to be impartial, however, the reality is in a supper Capitalistic country decisions are bought. Networks like FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC... have quite the deep pockets sir , Their displayed ethics may lean to the right but their deep pockets only want to be filled.

Republicans maybe the champions of morals but how many of them have been caught with a hooker and an 8 ball while championing against prostitution and drugs?
Re: supreme court to hear case on indecency...
March 21, 2008 12:03PM
Lets not forget the ever popular "closet" homosexual encounters in public restrooms. Let freedom ring!
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