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Dr. Sinister's Show.

Posted by LakeErie11 
Dr. Sinister's Show.
August 04, 2008 03:50AM
Dr. Sinister is extremely biased.Tonight, he was talking to Racist Caller,and he cut R.C. off during the middle of a subject they were both discussing because he did not like the point that he was making.Racist Caller was talking about how blacks in the inner city commit a higher amount of gun crimes than whites in West Virginia who own firearms.Even though this is true and the facts are there,Dr.Sinister told him to quit going there with the direction of the conversation.Personally, I think that Dr.Sinister is very biased in the way he conducts his show.When a person calls up with a liberal point of view, he cuts them off.
Anonymous User
Re: Dr. Sinister's Show.
August 05, 2008 02:05AM
You are right! He is biased. Part of it might be the air of un-professionalism that college radio brings and because of this we are not really journalist thus we cannot guarantee a neutral Point of View. Perhaps Dr. Sinister fears that he may not be able to handle such a topic because of its possible controversy that may put him or the station in danger. However, I truly think that his biased may stem from one major factor...

IT'S HIS FUCKING SHOW AND HE CAN DO WHAT HE LIKES! I do not remember ever hearing him state that while talking he was going to be honest, objective and fair we leave that to the professionals like action 19 news.

Listen to the disclaimer and remain feeling in an unfair world.
Re: Dr. Sinister's Show.
August 05, 2008 05:00PM
Next to Krauty, Dr. Sinister has the sexiest voice in college radio. That is my biased opinion.
Re: Dr. Sinister's Show.
August 06, 2008 06:45AM
Racist calls are a slippery slope. By letting a call like that continue over the air it could take a show in a direction that a host might have no desire to go. The validity of the Racist Callers point is irrelevant. The only fact about his call is that he was trying to build up his own sense of self-importance by trying to make people that look different from him appear to be inferior. I can't blame a snake for being a snake but it doesn't mean that I, or any other member of this station are required to air its venom.

By the way, Saying the dreaded "N" worded is not the only thing that can be considered racist.

That being said, I'll still take your calls and the Racist Caller's as well but there is a line at which I will cut you off.

As for so called "studies" that callers call up with, I hate them. Most of them don't amount to much except for propaganda. You can get the numbers to support almost anything you want. Here's some questions about that study.

1) Who produced it?
2) What were the sample sizes? Are they dealing with equal sized groups?
3) What other influences are effecting the groups? socio-economic status, population density
4) Is the poll just talking about licensed gun holders or about violent crime statistics supplied by a group like the FBI.

I'm sure there's more but it has been 14 years since I took Research Methods.

Trying to get into the validity of a poll or a study can bring a show to a grinding halt. I probably would have cut the Racist Caller off too. It's not like he isn't going to call back.

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Anonymous User
Re: Dr. Sinister's Show.
August 06, 2008 05:49PM
I did a study on myself.
I found out that I am 95% more likely to eat things while conscious by using my mouth more than any other orifice on my body.

Unfortunately this study is a bit biased because it was done by me on me. I am not a very honest person so chances are that I fudged the numbers in order to make myself more favorable to the masses.
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