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Elixir is Zog Playlist

Posted by dronecore 
Elixir is Zog Playlist
October 20, 2006 03:38PM
Ok... so tonight, Friday, at 11pm EIZ will re-inaugerate playlists. It's been years, but it's time to be on the up and up... tune in, then log in...

Re: Elixir is Zog Playlist 10/20/06
October 21, 2006 03:32AM
band-song-album * denotes request 10/20/06
meow meow- amplified breathing apparatus-snow gas bones 11:15
bedhead-dark ages-dark ages
dreadful yawns-you don't write songs-pretend e.p.
hayden-you are all i have-moving careful
rex-high school dance hit-waltz
american analog set-track 11- promise of love
simon and garfunkel-only living boy in new york-bridge over troubled water
elvis costello-i hope you're happy now- blood and chocolate*
break 11:55
j dimenna-dirty book-awkward buildings
ash- oh, yeah- 1977
hayden- carried away -skyscraper national park
badly drawn boy- track 1- bewilderbeast
break 12:23
mc5-kick out the jams-
honda pavarotti-night on mt. baldy-demo ep
flake music-spanway hits-
olivia tremor control-jumping fences- dusk at cubist castle
pavement-track 6- crooked rain
dreadful yawns-was i just struck by lightening-demo version remix
halo benders-virginia reel around the fountain-rebels not in
a fir ju well- guervon- absolutely
mike st. jude & the valentines- makin' a movie- fallout pattern...
possum dixon-she drives-possum dixon
gbv-game of pricks-alien lanes
dinosaur jr.- freak scene

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Re: Elixir is Zog Playlist
October 24, 2006 06:59PM
This was the best show ever!!! Way to go Zog!
Re: Elixir is Zog Playlist
October 24, 2006 10:16PM
quite nice.

You get to play Freak Scene on your show. Lucky bastard. Er, I mean extra-talented child of God.
Elixir is Zog Playlist 10/27/06
October 28, 2006 03:29AM

yo la tengo-pass the hatchet-i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass
chavez-flight 96-better days will haunt you
canadian invasion-ephedrine-songs for the atco ghost
califone-the orchids-roots and crowns
asteroid #4-ask me about pittsburgh-an amazing dream
american watercolor movement-she danced like a demon-in takes fifteen to tango in my books
sea and cake-jacking the ball-s/t
califone-dime fangs-sometimes good weather follows bad people
multiple cat-biology-multi kat mixy mixy remixes
kingsbury manx-perfect records-afternoon owls
j dimenna-for when we fall-awkward buildings
american analog set-magnificent seventies-from our living room to yours
leonard cohen-there is a war-new skin for an old ceremony
henry james-whisky preachin'-unreleased
the dreadful yawns-you-chi energy 2 compilation
spacemen 3-take me to the other side
lou barlow (sentridoh)-natural nature
leonard cohen-who by fire-the essential... (by request)
kristin hersh-deep wilson-the grotto

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Re: Elixir is Zog Playlist
November 04, 2006 04:30AM
yo la tengo- the race is on again- i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass
new lou reeds-looking for a boogaloo- top billin
teenage fanclub and jad fair-the power of your tenderness- words of wisdom and hope
sebadoh-ride the darker wave- III
houseguest-are we us?- high strangeness
possum dixon- nerves- s/t
nirvana- about a girl- bleach
neutral milk hotel- naomi- on avery island
califone-burned by christians- roots and crowns
ecstatic sunshine- pocket knife-freckle wars
iron and wine- cinder and smoke-our endless numbered days
wooden wand and the sky high band-bleeder- second attention
norfolk and western-the new rise of labor-the unsung colony
sufjan stevens- dear mr. supercomputer- the avalanche note: uggh i hate him... but this is an ok song...
robert pollard-supernatural car lover- normal happiness
pit er pat- no money=no friends-pyramids
olivia tremor control-grass canons-black foliage
pernice brothers- high as a kite- live a little
number one cup- vintage male singer- people, people why are we fighting?
beck- cellphone's dead- the information
photon band- commercial for taking drugs- singles comps and outtakes
elf power- feel a whole lot better- all the world is waiting
jennifer o'connor- exeter, rhode island-over the mountain...
brian jonestown massacre-bsa- take it from the man
self-so low- subliminal plastic motives
breeders- divine hammer- last splash
mountain goats

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Re: Elixir is Zog Playlist 10/20/06
November 07, 2006 06:29PM
dronecore = zog

how very cool that you comment on your own show! smiling smiley
way to self-promote.
Re: Elixir is Zog Playlist
November 20, 2006 08:04PM
at least I don't buy unauthorized bagels... way to rob the station blind!
Elixir is Zog Playlist 11/24/06
November 25, 2006 04:09AM
band-song-album **new release
dandy warhols- the dandy warhols' tv theme song-s/t
lemonheads-luka interview-creator
le volume courbe-i shall skip your judgment- i killed my best friend
jeff mangum-oh comely-live at jittery joe's
folk implosion-shake a little heaven-take a look inside
east river pipe-make a deal with the city-shining hours in a can
rex-highschool dance hit-rex
califone-burned by christians-roots and crowns**
pot usa-kick out the jams- s/t
elf power- empty pictures- all the world is waiting**
the pixies- brick's red-surfer rosa
yo la tengo-beanbag chair-...i will beat your ass**
olivia tremor control-hideaway-black foliage
giant sand-black venetian blind-gimme indie rock v.1
blake miller-sinners-alone with cats**
failure-enjpy the silence-for the masses
silent years-devil got my woman-s/t**
locksley-all over again-introducing locksley**

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