Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - March 2013
March 07, 2013 07:02PM
March 6, 2013

Bob Zeiger (Terminal Lovers, Midnight) was my special Guest DJ on tonight's show, where we explored the recorded works of outsider and avant-garde musician, artist, poet, calligrapher, and occultist Angus MacLise (see brief bio below). I also played several tracks from bands that will be performing in the area over the next week.

"Angus MacLise was the Velvet Underground's first drummer. He withdrew when he found out that at a paying job he had to start and stop playing when told to. No one told Angus to stop playing. So the job of a working musician was impossible for Angus, and he taught us all a lesson about purity of spirit. Angus was a dream percussionist. A dream person."
- Lou Reed

9 Volt Haunted House (Cleveland) - The Art of Non-Matching Monochromatic Outfits - title track

Angus MacLise - Brain Damage In Oklahoma City - "Another Druid's Nest / Haight Riot Mime"
Angus M. - Astral Collapse - "Smothered Under Astral Collapse"
AM - The Cloud Doctrine 2xcd compilation - "Shortwave Radio"
AM - Brain Damage In Oklahoma City - "Dreamweapon Benefit For The Oklahoma City Police Dept. Pt. 1 / Loft Collage"
AM - The Cloud Doctrine - "Four Speed Trance"
AM - Astral Collapse - "Dawn Chorus"

Michael Musillami Trio + 4 - Mettle - "Piano Dei Greci"
Zs - Grain ep - "Part One" excerpt

Theatre of Eternal Music (The Dream Syndicate) - La Monte Young-The Theatre of Eternal Music - "B flat Dorian Blues"
AM - Invasion of Thunder Bolt Pagoda soundtrack - "Humming In The Night Skull"


Brief Angus MacLise Bio:

Angus MacLise (March 4, 1938, Bridgeport, Connecticut - June 21, 1979, Kathmandu, Nepal) was an American percussionist, composer, artist, poet, occultist and calligrapher probably best known as the first drummer for the Velvet Underground. His lifework included music, calligraphy, performance art, poetry, drawings, plays, and limited edition artists books. MacLise was a member of La Monte Young's Theater of Eternal Music, with John Cale, Tony Conrad, Marian Zazeela and sometimes Terry Riley. He contributed to the early Fluxus newspaper VTre, edited by George Brecht, and was also an early member of The Velvet Underground, having been brought into the group by flatmate John Cale when they were living in Manhattan.

MacLise played bongos and hand drums during 1965 with the first incarnation of the Velvet Underground. Although the band regularly extemporised soundtracks to underground films during this era, MacLise never officially recorded with them, and is often considered something of a shadowy, legendary figure in their history. Later in the 1960s, Angus and his wife Hetty traveled around between Vancouver, Paris, Greece and India, finally settling in Nepal. They also had a son, Ossian Kennard MacLise, who was recognized by the 16th Karmapa as being a reincarnation of a Tibetan saint, or tulku, and at age four became a Buddhist monk. A student of Aleister Crowley (he was working on a script for a film version of Crowley's Diary of a Drug Fiend before he died), he began to blend Tibetan mysticism with his music to create sound through various drone techniques. MacLise recorded a vast amount of music that went largely unreleased until 1999. These recordings, produced between the mid-'60s and the late-'70s, consist of tribal trance workouts, spoken word, poetry, tape cut-ups, and minimalist droning and electronics, as well as many collaborations with his wife Hetty. He died of hypoglycemia and pulmonary tuberculosis in Kathmandu in 1979, aged 41.

About the Theatre of Eternal Music:

The Theatre of Eternal Music, sometimes later known as The Dream Syndicate, was a mid-1960s musical group formed by La Monte Young, that focused on experimental drone music. It featured the performances of La Monte Young, John Cale, Angus MacLise, Terry Jennings, Marian Zazeela, Tony Conrad, Billy Name, Jon Hassell, Alex Dea and others. The group is stylistically tied to the Neo-Dada aesthetics of Fluxus and the post-John Cage noise music continuum. The Theater of Eternal Music's discordant sustained notes and loud amplification influenced John Cale's subsequent contribution to the Velvet Underground in his use of both discordance and feedback.


This is a fascinating account by Hetty MacLise (Angus' wife) about the Hopi prophecy regarding, and subsequent conception and early years of the life of Angus and Hetty's child, who would be declared to be the reincarnation of a Buddhist saint, and how this came to be. It's a rather long writing, but extremely interesting to those who would find such matters to be interesting.


Re: Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - March 2013
March 21, 2013 06:13PM
March 13, 2012

Tonight's show is dedicated to Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) and Luigi Russolo and the 100th Anniversary of his manifesto, Art of Noises. Noise, and music from bands performing in the area over the next week will be played.

The Utter Darkness After A Dying Flame (Cleveland) - And Then Too Soon, Our Joy Has Ended - title track excerpt
9 Volt Haunted House (Cleveland) - We Know Your Body Better Than You Do - title track

Moth Cock (Kent) - s/t 12" - "Backwoods"
Glacial23 (Cleveland) - Acetic 2xcd - "Aquinan Acid"

Nagual (Oberlin) - s/t cassette - "The White Tree" excerpt
Wolf Eyes - Dread - "Burn Your House Down"

Dark Matter White Fire (Cleveland) - III - "Ripped"
Zurvan (Akron) - Chapter IV - "Flesh Like The Earth" excerpt

Malware (Cleveland) - Crowd Extermination - untitled track
XTerminal (Cleveland) - split w/ Plague Mother - "F*cking" excerpt

Skin Graft (Cleveland) - Drug Addict cassette - Side B
Re: Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - March 2013
March 21, 2013 07:33PM
March 20, 2013

Twig Harper - Intuitive American Esoteric Volume Three 12" - Side A

Dark Matter White Fire (Cleveland) - s/t - "The Stabbing"
Alio Die + Mariolina Zitta - La Sala dei Cristalli - "Suono Ipogeo (Part I-II)"

The Idiots - split 2013 tour cassette w/ John Mannion - "Hey"
9 Volt Haunted House (Cleveland) - We Know Your Body Better Than You Do - "Did"
John Scully (Cleveland) - Tempest Kaossilator KP3 Improv - live jam
Oblique Orchestra (Cleveland) - Trio Sessions Live Volume 1 - live jam

John Mannion - Slice Through Or/In Glass Metal 12" - Side B
Fire Death (Cleveland) - Live at the Black Cat Factory 7/21/12 - live jam

Bee Mask - Elegy For Beach Friday 2x12" - Side C

Re: Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - March 2013
March 28, 2013 12:19PM
March 27, 2013

KBD(UO) - Loss/Gain cassette - Side A

Sloth (Cleveland) - split cassette w/ Tuk Peenersen & His Weinermen - Side A "WWW"

Tuk Peenersen & His Weinermen (Cleveland) - split cassette w/ Sloth - "II"
John Mannion - Spring Breakers Tour Tape - "@simwe2"
Sult - Harm 12" - "Wince"

Twig Harper + Daniel Higgs - Clair Audience Fellowship Omphalos/Baltimore 12" - Side A

Richard Lainhart + Lucio Menegon - An Abandoned Garden 12" - "Dusk"
Vatican Shadow - Ornamented Walls 12" - "Operation Neptune Spear Part 1"

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