Krauty McKraut Show (1/24)
January 24, 2008 04:36PM
Cartoon Toilet Land- "Nebuchadnezzar's Servant" Kentucky Sewage Disaster Vol. 1 1976-1981 (from a forthcoming collection of this mysterious cough syrup damaged Christian band..stay tunned for further details)

Tangerine Dream- "Untitled" Song Tage Festival 1968 (bootleg)

Residents- "Holelottadick" Baby Sex 1971

Lucifer- "Gonna Do That" Big Gun 1972

Stone Harbour- "Summer Magic is Gone" Emerges 1974

Electric Frankenstein (Italy)- "The Land of the Magic Wizard" What Me Worry 1975

Jean-Pierre Massiera (credited to Chico Magnetic Band)- "Pop Pull Hair" Chico Magnetic Band 1969

Red Crayola- "War Sucks" The Parable Of Arable Land 1967

The Astros- "Space Walk pt. 1" Space Walk 7" 196?

Smoke Spoon- "Planetary Freakout" Come On and Dance/Planetary Freakout 1967

Freebourne- "Peak Impressions" Peak Impressions and Thoughts 1967

Davie Allan & the Arrows- "Mind Transferral" The Cycle-Delic Sounds Of 1967

The Spoils Of War- "Rit Yellow of the Sun" S/T 1969

The Devils- "Darkness" Psychedelic Gems 1973

Roots of Madness- "The Old Man's Ass" The Girl In the Chair 1971

Orange Wedge- "From the Womb to the Tomb" (1968) V/A Highs in the Mid Sixties Vol. 19: Michigan Part 3

Les Rallizes Denudes- "Jam" Mars Studio 1980

David Lee Roth- "Yankee Rose" Eat 'Em and Smile: The Rough Basement Acetates 1985-86 (bootleg)

Nahuatl- "Evolucion" S/T 1974
Re: Krauty McKraut Show (1/24)
January 25, 2008 11:20AM
What, no Monks?


"Way Heaven!"

Re: Krauty McKraut Show (1/24)
January 25, 2008 07:11PM
ooooooops! next week will be an ALL MONKS SHOW *Everything from Black Monk Time at different pitches and speeds.
Re: Krauty McKraut Show (1/24)
January 26, 2008 10:54PM
Does the station have a copy of "Silver Monk Time"?

Re: Krauty McKraut Show (1/24)
January 27, 2008 02:32AM
It's still "Monk Time"!

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