No More Nothing, 2-10-08
February 11, 2008 02:07PM
Thank you to my supporters on the "multiple records at once" thing.

No More Nothing, 2-10-08 4-5 PM Sundays

1. Fear "No More Nothing"
2. Rob loaned me a bound box of 30 7"s called "The Complete New Testament." Unfortunately, I didn't notice until at the studio that they run at 16 & 2/3 RPMs. Anyway, you heard a couple of these for a while (at 33) with some of Jimmy Swaggart "The Plague" LP and some of the Psychic TV Sordide Sentimental 7" from '82.
3. Siamese Twins "Number 1" (for those scoring at home, ST was a Cleveland jazz improv duo from the early '90s featuring the amazing Scott Davis on drums)
4. Black Lung "The Sound of Meat"
5. Birthday Party "Release the Bats"
6. Red Krayola "What are the Inexpensive Things the Panel most Enjoys?"
7. Destroy All Monsters "Bored"
8. The Pioneers "Long Shot Kick de Bucket"
9. an excerpt from the Joe Coleman LP Picturedisc on Blast First (Steel Tips doing an a capella "Martian Hop")
10. The Ran-Dells "Martian Hop"
11. Robert Wyatt "Be Serious" (R. Wyatt "Comicopera" at the top of the No More Nothing charts two weeks running!)
12. The Singing Dogs "Oh Susanna" (the flip to this mid-50s 7" is called "the most hated Christmas song of all time," the Dogs' rendition of "Jingle Bells")
13. Nurse With Wound "The Strange Play of the Mouth" (from "Automatting vol. 1")
14. Kode 9 "Massive Music/ Find my Way" (12" on Hyperdub)
15. Electric Indian "Keem-o-Sabe" (portion)
16. The Fall "Stepping Out"
17. Mixed Band Philanthropist (excerpt from "The Impossible Humane" LP --- Metgumbnerbone side project!!)
18. Davy Graham and Shirley Collins "Nottamun Town"
19. excerpt from the "Princess Nicotine" LP on Majora (technically the 1st Sublime Frequencies album, from '94)
20. Zorn/ Chadbourne "The Double AA"
21. an excerpt of side 2 of the Mixed Band Philanthropist LP
22. the first song off the Insurrect LP (new local)

I didn't write it down but somewhere I played track 3 off the new Shooting Spires CD (appearing thursday at MOCA)

I also read portions of a book called "Secret and Suppressed," specifically passages relating to Jonestown, MK ULTRA, and Biometric Telemetry- Total Mind Control
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