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Krauty McKraut's Solid Gold All Request Classic Top 40 Countdown (1/25)

Posted by krautymckraut 
Krauty McKraut's Solid Gold All Request Classic Top 40 Countdown (1/25)
January 25, 2007 04:59PM
It was a decade of big hair. Platform Shoes. Bellbottoms. Archie Bunker and Arthur Fonzarelli. We had pet rocks and 8 tracks (before all this cellphone ipod crap!) And who could forget the music?! Not the hippity hop rubbish that my 16 year old daughter listens to (she tinks I'm lame but I know good music when I hear it! Before I was "King of the Remote" & "King of the best trimmed lawn on the cul de sac" (3rd year I may add!) they called me "King of the Rock" cuz I was blowin' my mind to the wayyyy out sounds of Kansas, REO Speedwagon and Styx. Y'know good music, played by REAL musicians, with a meaningful message. Tunes that sounded great when you'd throw back a few cold ones at your buddies place and talked about life....and fine chicks. WHOOOOAAA MANNNNnnn!!! just thinking about "Dust In the Wind" is bringing back some heavy flashbacks! they say if you can remember it, you wern't actually there! And ain't that the truth, brother! ha. ha. ha. I bet Snoopy Dog Doggyshit or whatever the kids listen to these days could never match the majestic aural blowjob of a half hour Keith Emerson keyboard solo, but in the words of David Essex, "Hey Kid, Rock and Roll, Rock on, oooh my soul, Hey Kid, Boogey too, Did ya."

The NEW & IMPROVED Krauty McKraut's Sonic Spaceship: Taking you back in time with the hits we grew up on. It's a constant memory rush from one incredibly groovy decade.

Cluster- "im suden" Cluster II 1972

Neu!- "Seeland" Neu '75

C.A. Quintet- "Trip Thru Hell pt. 1" Trip Thru Hell 1969

The Human Beast- "Naked Breakfast" Volume One 1970

Zipps- "The Struggle For Ice Cold Milk Of Benzi the Bass Player or How to Promote Original Dutch Milk/When You Tell It, Tell It Well..!" Be Stoned! Dig The Zipps 1966-69

Hal Blaine- "Freaky-Kaleidoscope-Hallucinations" Psychedelic Percussion 1967

?- V.A. Trap Door International Psychedelic Mystery Mix

Salvation- "Salvation Jam" Gypsy Carnival Caravan 1968

Funkadelic- "I Wanna Know If It's Good To You?" Free Your Mind...And Your Ass Will Follow 1970

Can- "The Million Game" (Theme to 1971 German TV Game Show called "Das Millionenspiel") V.A. Kraut Bloody Rageous!

Davie Allan & The Arrows- "Hell Rider" Devil's Angels Soundtrack 1967

Osamu Kitajima- "Benzaiten" Benzaiten 1974

Danny Ben Israel- "Kathmandu" The Kathmandu Sessions 1968

Gary Walker & Rain- "If You Don't Come Back" Album No. 1 1968
Re: Krauty McKraut's Solid Gold All Request Classic Top 40 Countdown (1/25)
January 25, 2007 10:06PM
For those who want to know more about
Davie Allan, you might want to check out


and scroll down to the Biker Fuzz entry.


I fondly remember Archie Bunker going
on the tv news with an editorial response
on the topic of airplane hijackings, or
sky-jackings as we may have called them
back then. His idea was to pass out
handguns to every passenger boarding the
plane, so if one guy threatened to hijack
the plane to Cuba, 100 other people could
draw down on him! Brilliant in its
Re: Krauty McKraut's Solid Gold All Request Classic Top 40 Countdown (1/25)
January 26, 2007 08:18PM
Wow, that is a great idea! Was he in character when he said this or was he for real? This topic could be an interesting thread in itself. I think I'm gonna post it in the Anything Goes section (along with a "WCSB DJ most likey to hijack a plane" post).

Do you have a transcript anywhere in your Archie Bunker files that you could link me?
Re: Krauty McKraut's Solid Gold All Request Classic Top 40 Countdown (1/25)
January 31, 2007 10:52PM
Archie Bunker WAS a character; this was not said by Carroll O'Connor, the actor who portrayed him. I do not have any Archie Bunker files, this is from memory. I think the DJ most likely to hijack a plane is Julia from "Jock Jams," and she could do it with a combination of ankle-weights, Pilates bands, and her ability to get through a room without touching the floor, which she perfected at the WCSB studio, making it the most potent training ground for insurgents since the Taliban camps in Afghanistan.
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