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Posted by d.imburgia 
March 14, 2007 01:44PM

I may as well.

nothing's going to happen 3-9-07
11-12:30 friday morn/aft

anonymous "untitled" from unknown
kousokuya "untitled 2" from first live 1979
the outsiders "i'm only trying to prove to myself" from strange things are happening: singles 1965-1969
sun city girls "a previously unknown sacrifice #2" from carnival folklore resurrection vol. 13: 98.6 is death
maher shalal hash baz "m&a" from l'autre cap
plastic crimewave sound "caged fire theme" from flashing open
devendra banhart "roots..." from oh me, oh my...
vanishing voice "last evil" from stone tablet
moondog "rabbit hop" from the viking of sixth avenue
billy mure "firecrackers" from fireworks
group doueh "wazan samat" from guitar music from the western sahara
panda bear "good girl" from person pitch
dark meat "freedom ritual" from universal indians
the microphones "i'm a pearl diver" from song islands

alzo @
nothingsgoingtohappen.blogspot.com (<--- also a music blog w/RAD downloadables)

p.s. i know html tags don't work here but i'm just copy + pasting from my website. i think it looks cool anyway.

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March 19, 2007 08:10AM
I've been meaning to pick up a copy of stone tablet, actually.
March 30, 2007 06:24PM
nothing's going to happen 3-30-07

the goblins "girlfeast" from v/a galactic zoo dossier #5
high rise "induced depression" from psychedelic speed freaks '84-'85
acid seven "live track" from v/a galactic zoo dossier #5
joe meek "the entry of the globbots" from the ep collection
joshi "twelve tribes" from animal faith
panda bear "take pills" from person pitch
sir richard bishop "burning caravan" from salvador kali
nagisa ni te "anxiety" from dream sounds
strapping fieldhands "in the pineys" from in the pineys
egypt is the magick # untitled track 4 from s/t cassette
a hawk and a hacksaw "gadje sirba" from the way the wind blows
kousokuya "the dreams of recollection" from ray night 1991-1992 live
thinking plague "lycanthrope" from in this life
es "sadepaivat" from kaikkeuden kauneus ja kasittamattumyys
scientists "a place called bad" from absolute
magik markers untitled track 2 from her is the last of the red ston

rock it

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April 09, 2007 05:58PM
nothing's going to happen 4-6-07

butthole surfers "boiled dove" from v/a smack my crack
the flying lizards "trouble" from s/t
raccoo-oo-oon "stick eaters" from the cave of spirits forever
thee fourgiven "hang up" from v/a sounds of now!
baby grandmothers "being is more than life" from s/t
noxagt "coefficient ascender" from s/t
harmonia "sonnenschien" from musik von harmonia
mammal "body trick" from fog walkers
so so many white white tigers "we shoot arrows" from s/t
john giorno band "stretching it wider" from who you looking at? split w/glenn branca
times new viking "imagine dead john lennon" from present the paisley reich
the fall "my door is never" from reformation post t.l.c.
vanishing voice "peace symbols" from stone tablet
goblin "zombi (main title)" from goblin vol. III
lsd march "nude and bizzare" from empty rubious red
sun city girls "black tent" from s/t
white heaven "mandrax town" from out

d/l able @ my blarg [nothingsgoingtohappen.blogspot.com]

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April 13, 2007 05:40PM
joanna newsom & the ys street band "colleen" from colleen ep
henry james glover "dingaling" from queen freq
boredoms "jungle taitei" from super roots 8
solar anus "bone flesh" from skull alcoholic: the complete solar anus
omoide hatoba "zen beat manifesto" from black hawaii
the incredible string band "three is a green crown" &
"swift as the wind" both from the hangman's beautiful daughter
frank pahl "dig a deep well" from songs of war and peace
stenblomma "kuallen ar har" from alla trad har samma rot
moondog "up broadway" from the story of moondog
animal collective "people" from people ep
maher shalal hash baz "moving without ark" from l'autre cap
mono "ode" from walking cloud...
tom waits "dave the butcher" &
"in the neighborhood" both from swordfishtrombones

I can't believe the station didn't have a copy of Pink Floyd's Ummagumma. threw me off.
April 15, 2007 04:27AM
hey, how come all the links to the tunes from yr site say its like expired or something....makes me sad
April 17, 2007 06:39PM
Yeah I gotta find a better file hosting site
April 22, 2007 11:54PM
nothing's going to happen 4-20-07 11am-12:30 fridays

the seeds "evil hoodoo" from s/t
howling hex "cobra heart" from you can't beat tomorrow
the dwarves "college town" from lick it: the psychedelic years
lsd march "empty rubious red" from empty rubious red
washington phillips "take your burden to the lord" from what are they doing in heaven today?
grinderman "honeybee (let's fly to mars)" from s/t
the terminals "liar liar" from forget about never
blind blake "c.c. pill blues" from all the published sides
modern lovers "walk up the street" from the original modern lovers
comets on fire "got a feelin'" from s/t
times new viking "teenagelust!" from present the paisley reich
the dead c "the magicians" from future artists
the spoils of war "void of mystery/the greyness moves in quietly" from s/t
simply saucer "here come the cyborgs" (both parts) from cyborgs revisited
clipd beaks "nuclear arab" from preyers
wooden wand & the vanishing voice "hey pig he stole my sound" from gypsy freedom
slapp happy "blue flower" from sort of
April 27, 2007 05:28PM
nothing's going to happen 4-27-07 11am-12:30pm fridays, WCSB.org

acid mothers temple "occie lady" from the new geocentric world of acid mothers temple
brian sands "windmills of time" from fixation
arthur brown "fire" from the crazy world of arthur brown
bee mask "i will hold the bag" pt.1 from i will hold the bag
international harvester "sommarlaten" from sov gott rose-marie
karl blau "megadose" from dance positive
calvin johnson & the sons of the soil "love travels faster" from s/t
to live and shave in l.a. "mothers over silverpoint" from noon and eternity
the homosexuals "in search of the perfect baby" from astral glamour
skin graft track 2 from alcohol
diskaholics track 2 from live in japan

long-winded and noisy this week, mostly because I was tired and didn't bring a lot to play
Anonymous User
April 28, 2007 06:30PM
Next time we do solid shifts!
May 07, 2007 05:36PM
nothing's going to happen 5-4-07

pissed jeans "people person" from hope for men
snakefinger "trashing all the loves of history" from greener postures
silver daggers "burn the world" from new high & ord
greg ashley "fisher king" from painted garden
white heaven "out of my window" from levitation
neil michael hagerty & the howling hex "rockslide" from s/t
liars "hold hands and it will happen anyway" from they were wrong so we drowned
homostupids "finding the corpse" from brutal birthday ep
panda bear "take pills" from person pitch
people like us "clippa cloppa" from a fistful of knuckles
raccoo-oo-oon "hundred eyes" from cave of spirits forever
art bears "rats & monkeys" from winter songs
the stars "double sider" from a perfect place to hide away
louis farrakhan "is she is, or is she ain't" from v/a calypsos from the west indies
magik markers inverted belgium one-sided lp

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