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Why Did Krauty Quit???

Posted by Carsick James 
Why Did Krauty Quit???
October 01, 2006 11:00PM
I didn't hear Thursday's "KMSS," but my buddy told me that Krauty said it was his last show, and I'm majorly bummed, because I'll miss it, and I didn't even get to hear the show! I know that he was quitting his live DJ gigs, but I didn't see this coming. My buddy said that Krauty was talking about moving to LA to work on a sitcome, but that sounds like BS to me. Did he really quit, or is he being cut from the station?
Re: Why Did Krauty Quit???
October 02, 2006 07:03PM
I didn't quit. I just thought it would be funny to do a fake farewell show. I will be back this week at the same time.

thanks for the kind words, carsick james. let me know if i can burn you some stuff.
Re: Why Did Krauty Quit???
October 04, 2006 11:46PM
Well, I heard the first half of the farewell show, and I was fooled (except for the sitcom part--I wish there was a Krauty's World sitcom!). After Krauty dropping out of the Duck Island and Sea Level Lounge gigs, I wasn't surprised, just sad. It seems like less than two years ago that I was pulling out of the driveway to go to work, expecting to hear "Rudie Can't Sleep" (the drivetime version of "Rudie Can't Fail") and heard Mirrors instead. I liked that whatever outre request I thought up*, he wasn't fazed by, but usually found a way to add it into the mix. I was going to call in for my "traditional" request for Can's "Fall of Another Year" for the beginning of Autumn, but my cellular telephone was malfunctioning. Oh, and if the sitcom does get made, I hope it has the poncho guy who's always carrying the gourd of mate, and Rocky. Also, maybe they could have a different special guest each week, like Roky Erickson, Holger Czukay,Sly Stone, or Yoko Ono (the last time I saw her on TV, it was on the Jimmy Kimmel show, and Patton Oswalt was on, and was obviously impressed to be on with Yoko, and obviously embarassed to have to say "I'm Spence on TV.")


Julian Cope, "Girlcall" and others
John Cale, "The Jeweler"
Yoko Ono, "Mind Train"
Kim Fowley, "Wildfire"
Brian Eno, "Driving Me Backwards"
Hound Dog Taylor, "Give Me Back My Wig"
Re: Why Did Krauty Quit???
October 10, 2006 08:50PM
Okay! Welcome back, Krauty! I'd like to hear more John Cale on your show, like "Guts" (gotta bleep out the first line, though!) or "Gun". When everyone else puts together a Best of 2005 show, Krauty could do a show for the best of 1975, or 1970, or 1969 (Okay?).
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