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tuesday 7/17 @ Parish Hall: Abe Vigoda, Eagle Ager, + more

Posted by stephedk 
tuesday 7/17 @ Parish Hall: Abe Vigoda, Eagle Ager, + more
July 14, 2007 12:21PM
Tuesday July 17
Parish Hall
6205 Detroit

Voted “Best place to burn one in a dumpster and hang out with high-brow freaks” by Filthy Artist Magazine!!

Abe Vigoda
(not not fun records, amongst others)- L.A.,CA

Chino, CA is in many ways a thriving place. There’s vegan Chinese diners, plenty of adult video stores, and an active post-teen no-wave scene. Sort of. Mainly there’s just Reggie, Mike, David, and Juan arguing about which colors suck (all of them) on a suburban porch. And thank god for that, cause these 909 loyalists are ubiquitous dudes, road-tripping to any two-bit post-punk community center that will let them plug in and play their claustrophobic angle jams. Repetitive beaten guitars, Animal (from Muppet Babies?) drumming, and burrowing, burying bass lines—like boating shoes and cut-off jean shorts, these are signature Abe Vigoda moves.

Has been described as “tropical punk,”and comes with the Official Sean Carney Seal of Approval®, kinda reminds me of early ‘80s Brit art stuff (Swell Maps, TV Personalities) mixed with those crazy Malcolm McLaren Bow Wow Wow/Adam Ant drum beats, and a dose of left-field pop melodicism a la Animal Collective.

John Thill
(somewhere near or in L.A., CA)

Psychedelic, messed-up, low-fi, one man folk noise pop. At times it's poppy and catchy, at times chaotic, and sometimes even a bit brutal. This is the anthem for the apocalypse. Once the Mayan ghosts descend from space, chaos will follow.

Remember when Dave P. used to busk downtown strumming acoustic jams to suits? It’s kinda like that but in a smoggy SoCal vibe…

Eagle Ager (triumphant return- their 2nd Parish Hall show!!)
(Brooklyn, NYC)

“We all graduated from suny purchase in 2004 and we like to read heads. If you see us you will likely see, cardboard costumes, electronic music, ritualistic actions, absurd set pieces, scrap wood, blood, fancy pants, eagles, toy firetrucks, florescent Jesus figurines, thumbs, paintings of mountains, and maybe styrofoam starfish suits.”

Total Art-School damager. Noisy fun, complete with demented Caroliner-esque stage show and props. One of those elite groups where the singer is a purple cardboard griffin/ellaguru.

"Sound system (sound system)
Same old rhythm
Disco jive, drive I man wild no.
Sound system (sound system)
Got I man a swinging
JUKEBOX JIVE can't cramp I style."
Re: tuesday 7/17 @ Parish Hall: Abe Vigoda, Eagle Ager, + more
July 17, 2007 10:02AM
I hear John Thill had to cancel and Dead Peasant Insurance is playing in his place (one of Ryan Kuehn's bands and I think J.Guy will be drumming with them as well).

Eagle Ager is a whacky theatrical act.

Parish Hall wins the prize for consistently booking the most interesting and unusual shows/events in Cleveland (in my opinion).
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