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27 March: SxOxTx - Nalle - Paul Metzger - Black Forest/Black Sea

Posted by slow toe 
27 March: SxOxTx - Nalle - Paul Metzger - Black Forest/Black Sea
March 04, 2008 06:24PM
27 MARCH 2008

1936 W. 96th street (north of Madison) - 3rd Floor
Cleveland, Ohio

Doors: 8:30 pm
Show: 9 pm - 11:30 pm*
Cost: donation* for touring bands from out of town
More info: www.allgosigns.com, b.y.o.b.



Performances by

THEE SCARCITY OF TANKS (Cleveland/Oberlin, Ohio)
NALLE (Glasgow, Scotland)
PAUL METZGER (Minneapolis, MN)


[THEE SCARCITY OF TANKS] (Total Life Society Records, Textile Records)
From Cleveland/Oberlin, Ohio

"Thee Scarcity of Tanks is a band, mas que un club, formed and totally negated in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America. No endowments for defender. Prince and Princess of Nothing. A light to oneself, rooted after the spitter shower und slow toe tongue lip of 1972, a shovel gimp to the skin-skin kid, breaker of displacement during 2004, a year of birth by Matthias Ming Shank Infinite of Mannerisms Toward the Stunted Hate Damaged Love, the eldest seed dried for no-glory, no reason other than reason, completely and habitually discontented with past and current goings on, after the case work, the class casting, the forthrightness of the only route, the terrible hole of honor not abated but with a mind found, without fear, insulated from the dumb, a handshake greeting with death. It is when your town has gripped your throat, the sex deviants, the mental and physical deviants, paying for hooked looks, who pack the packages of lists for papers that in turn sell their lists as if top, when your noise and black mesh mess of leather made sense in the pathetic vacuum of you, you, you. May I ask of you, without authority, time within time, participation, bicycle as great use, all sounds as music, expressed rather than imitated, a pathless path? The brain, your brain, is recording the rise, the fall, the is, of ants, of amatuer - the forever unknown. Oh, how thou wants for some easier understanding, an understanding that is silent to the unadventurous."

Link: [theescarcityoftanks.blogspot.com]

-Andrew Klimek - bass, guitar
-Bbob Drake - electronics, banjo
-Bob Zeiger - drums
-Dan Wenninger - saxophone
-Dave Cintron - guitar
-Laura Dykes - double bass
-Matthew Ming Shank Wascovich - guitar, vocals
-Nate Scheible - drums
-Scott Pickering - drums

[NALLE] (Locust Records)
From Glasgow, Scotland

"Nalle have been playing together since summer 2004. The debut album "By Chance Upon Waking" is available now (www.pickled-egg.co.uk). A collaboration with the One Ensemble is also in the process of being mixed by Hans Joachim Irmler of Faust. A full-length Nalle album is also scheduled for release on Locust Music of Chicago in January 2008. We are also playing extensively throughout Britain and Europe (and wherever else anyone wants to put us on!). The band supports the deities of wild 'beasts' and stands firmly against the encroachment of golf courses upon our beautiful landscape (and other similar violations). "

Link: [www.secreteye.org]
Link: [www.youtube.com]
Link: [www.myspace.com]
Link: [www.vpro.nl]
Link: [www.radiowne.org]

[PAUL METZGER] (Locust Records)
From Minneapolis, MN.

"Paul Metzger has graced Minneapolis with his guitar and banjo playing in various contexts for over twenty years, but this is the first time I've encountered him. On the strength of his side-long performance here, that's a serious deficit. Many Westerners borrow a few elements from raga styles, and a few musicians from other disciplines are serious students of Hindustani and Carnatic lore, but Metzger's guitar playing sounds like the real thing. And yet it's true to the what-the-fuck spirit that's motivated the best punk, jazz, and free music of any stripe. John McLaughlin had his guitar fitted with scalloped frets and sympathetic strings; Metzger has pimped his ride with music boxes. They somehow keep up a running dialog with his dramatic strums and swooning slide licks that sounds so a propos that the word gimmick never finds its way into the conversation. "August," which also lasts the whole side, is like a long fading glow, a sunset raga worth returning to over and over again." -Bill Meyer, Signal to Noise

Link: [www.paulmetzger.net]
Link: [www.youtube.com]
Link: [www.myspace.com]

[BLACK FOREST/BLACK SEA] (Secret Eye Records)
From Pittsburgh, PA.

BLACK FOREST/BLACK SEA is the duo of Jeffrey Alexander (mostly guitar) and Miriam Goldberg (mostly cello). They play free-form music that draws from folk traditions. The have toured extensively in the US and Europe, from Savonlinna to Sicily, Riga to Reykjavik and Portland to Portland, performing in 18 different countries, since forming in Providence RI in 2003. In early 2008, they left Rhode Island and now call Pittsburgh, PA home.

"Guitar, cello, electronics, and various small rackety sounds collect themselves into a haze of infinite possibilities. At certain points there's a sparseness to their approach recalling Charalambides' quiet explosions; at others there's a weird and wooly organic depth closer to some of the contemporary giants of the Finnish underground. Either way, it's a stunner." - (Byron Coley)

"...a half-improvised framework of guitar, cello and sundry accented glitches...a magnificent patchwork tent of bark, calico fabric, twisted vines, and fallen stars...a gorgeous snapshot of the free psych underground, one of the purest spaces of otherworldly terrain in the current musical landscape." - (Pitchfork)

"Backwards backwoods playing, electronic effects, a shortwave radio and some knob twiddling are all incorporated into their sound, which twists from traditional folk Americana to beatbox Improv and back again. Nothing, however, is quite what it seems, and this constant sound shifting gives Alexander and Goldberg's musically metamorphic contribution to the New Weird America cult an edge over the competition. For BF/BS are genuinely strange." - (The Wire)

BLACK FOREST/BLACK SEA have recorded and toured with Fursaxa (ATP), Christina Carter (Charalambides, Kranky), Glenn Donaldson (Jewelled Antler), Gravenhurst (Warp), Kemialliset Ystavat (Fonal), Lau Nau (Locust), ES (Fonal) and many more. BF/BS also operate the SECRET EYE record label (www.secreteye.org) and they solely organized the TERRASTOCK SIX festival, as well.

Link: [blackforestblacksea.com]
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