Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Friends, Nomads, and Countrymin – send in your designs.

It’s that time again to submit your wcsb dream t-shirt design. As always, the winner will eventually receive $89.03 and get a few shirts out of it. We print the winning design on a classy and comfortable t-shirt, and offer it as a premium during our annual RADIOTHON (Parenthetically, this year Radiothon will take place Saturday November 3 – Saturday November 10.)  Open House will be the following Friday… November 16th and Sunday… November 18th. Go on, get your pencils out…. Mail to t-shirt contest WCSB 3100 Chester Avenue, 4th Floor, Cleveland, OH 44115 or you can email to   8.5″ x 11″ is the preferred parameter, but if you got something so cool its gotta be bigger, we’ll give it a look. Keep file size under 1MB please if you are emailing your entry, we will contact the winner if we require a higher resolution CMYK file.

Love always,

Your pals at WCSB 89.3fm


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