Thanks again to everyone who donated this year. Here is what some of you who donated through our Scalefunder had to say as a “shout out”

“we can never leave. isn’t it wonderful?”
The Blues program “Skid Row” is my favorite. My husbands is Red’s Rambling Road and Lake Effect Reverb.
Blues on Wednesday
Ruta de Sabor
whatever is playing!
y más. . . .!
I love WCSB! Keep on keepin on
Jim Wilson (80s and today), Sade, Kristin (past Garageland), Lisa little black box, Keith, Rustbelt Refugee (past) radio 9.0, jim lanza (80s and now), Doug Gillard (past)….There’ve been many shows on wcsb that have gotten me through good and bad times.
Love the hilarious promos/bumps/PSAs!
I loved hearing the rebroads of vintage Budget Rock Showcase during the lockdown.
Currently, I dig Grumpy Old Man Show, Overrated with Derek, and Live From the Jam Pad.
Jim Wilson’s ‘High in the 60’s…’
Duppy Echoes always always slows down my Saturday night when I need it
Timmie the Hippie.
My son went to CWRU and I discovered your station on my visits to Cleveland. Now, if I’m home, I listen online Monday nights (and every now and then some other times). Missed your live shows terribly during the pandemic shutdown.
No Sunday is complete in our family without Tommy Fox!!
Love, love the Odditorium!
Mike’s fusion! Ray car! Grumpy old man! Brother love, & Free form late night shows on the weekends! I’m sorry to see Steve’s folk move but for 2020 I still have to give him a shout out.
Awesome playlists created with your great DJ’s , long live alternative radio!!!
WCSB is one of a kind, there are not.many college radio stations that does what they want like you guys. I love nearly all the djs, shows, and I can never get enough of church of the subgenius. Keep doing your thing, because no one does it like WCSB!
Heartbeat in the Brain and the Brewing Luminous are my faves????
I Love the Skavoovie Sounds of Monster Boogie
I LOVE WCSB for its incredible diversity in sounds and the dedication of its many show hosts to the music they love! Free format rules and Cleveland is one lucky city to have not one, but three free format college stations within a 10 or so mile radius!
viva la WCSB !
Kristin and Beth rock!
Keith’s Crap Radio, Scary Ellen’s Millions of Dead Chicken Heads,
Jim Wilson’s Highs in the Mid-sixties, The Ray Carr Show
Grumpy old man
Mike on the Fusion Show rocks! Long time listener….love you WCSB
Right now I’m listening to Friday Night Rock Rotation
Thursday nights metal, morning metal, blues, sci-fi
Just discovered Herb’s (soul) show; love it! Long-time enjoyer of Eclectic Soul (?) hosted by Brother Darrick; missing show that used to follow (Our Vibes ?) Sundays from 4-6p; loving Tommy Fox and Iresistable (sp?) from old Cleveland days and now from HI
Shout out to odditorium, grant’s metal show, all the other punk and hardcore. Also the folk and country. I even love Hungarian and Slovenian hour. You all rock.
Tommy Fox is the man!! Bigup reggae, bigup HI, bigup alternative radio!!
The Grumpy Old Man Show
The Folk Rotation
Highs In The 60’s
Anti-Urban Contemporary Thang
The Angelo’s Salsa Show
WCSB is dope!
Big up Tommy Fox and Rudies Hi-Fi’n
I enjoy listening to The Mysterious Black Box and Into The Void Of Insanity on Wednesday nights!
Timmy the Hippie!!
So many great shows, but probably my favorites are Nude Psychic Readings and Tax Advice, Friday Night Rock Rotation and The Odditorium
Halfway Cottages Radio Hour
Sustainable Love Corporation
Tuesday Club
Mysterious Black Box
Black Juu Juu
Thanks for all the good times…
Loving “Heartbeat in the Brain” right now!
Monster Boogie Joe
All WCSB Shows are great!!!
If it wasn’t for College Radio, I wouldn’t listen to radio at all
great music!
Skid Row !
Love you Chris… Thanks for all you do….
Love the blues. Love Chris and John for giving it to us
blues / traditional / folk
Hey Derrida! Keep groovin’!!
Heartbeat in the brain and Highs of the 60s are good stuff
Skid Row, Grumpy Old Man, Fusion Show
Congrats to Lisa Miralia and Mysterious Black Box for 14 years.
Halfway Cottages!
Brewing Luminous!
Mysterious Black Box!
Not What You Think (Whatever)!
Dogon & Inka Go To White Castle!
Day man lost, into the void, millions of dead chicken heads, Watchmans grind, prowler in the yard, overrated, so many over the years!
Good Morning Metal and The Folk Show
This is for Electric Euphoria!
I was in Cleveland on business last week and was very impressed by WCSB. Yours is a great station and what college radio should be! Wanted to be sure to support what you do.
I always enjoy Mr. Payola’s sweet country jams!
Good morning metal is good. That guy is a guy I’d ride or die with
Hi. Request that $20.00 of my donation be applied to the Ray Carr Show and $20.00 be applied to the Grumpy Old Man Show. WCSB has awesome, interesting, fun, and memorable radio programming, DJ’s, and tunes to make my life more complete and harmonious!!
This is like asking me to pick out a favorite kid! Just keep up the good work – I love you all 🙂
I love many different genres of music. Therefore, WCSB offers me many shows to enjoy. GOOD LUCK with this fundraiser & keep up the great work! I would like to thank Mike for keeping the Fusion Show alive on Friday afternoons!
Kristin Garageland.
So many great shows. Glad my pal Kristin is back on occasion! Keep up the great work.
Hour of Slack, Mondays at noon was positive and uplifting
(during the pandemic crap)
This is for Mike’s Fusion Jazz show!
Sustainable Love Corporation rules!
The Music Programme
Grumpy Old Man, The Brewing Luminous, Universal Soul Express, etc. etc.
Favorite shows: The Odditorium, Heartbeat in the Brain, Overrated, Millions of Dead Chickenheads, See You in Hell, Good Morning Metal, and The Grumpy Old Man Show
Ray carr show
Favorite show is Andy Auten at noon on Wednesdays
Started listening in 1986 when I moved to Cleveland from Chicago. Best radio station anywhere because you PLAY MUSIC, all kinds, all the time (crazy idea, I know). Now stranded in Columbus, listen everyday on the web. Hope this helps!
Derek on overrated!
Why not ??
Donating to the FABULOUS RAY CARR SHOW!!!
Hello from KDHX in Saint Louis!
Love the eclectic, knowledgeable dedicated DJs! Special shoutout to Brother Love with this donation, and Universal Soul Express!
I have friendships with current members and my heart has always been with college radio.
Keep on rockin’!!!
Good Morning Metal
Too many shows to love.
Only place I hear interesting music, especially Jazz, on the radio these days
Keep up the great work WCSB. I love that there is something for everyone on 89.3; even if most folks don’t understand the level of awesomeness you provide to the the greater Cleveland area and the folks dialed into the world wide web (like me). Rock on!
To all the dedicated volunteers that keep WCSB up and running.Don’t ever stop the Fusion show,my favorite!Mike delivers the good stuff.Can’t hear this anywhere else.And glad to hear The Grumpy Old Man still kicking it!
I especially enjoy listening to the Music of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Mark mixes the latest releases with great classics and tracks from series you didn’t even know had music released.
Thank you to Chris on Wednesday for getting me to work, Brother Love for getting me home on Thursday, and Darrick to cap off the weekend. You guys just great. Happy to be able to help you and WCSB keep the good music playing! Lots of appreciation!!
I love Skid Row! Thanks for the great shows!
Because college radio in Cleveland is some of the best in the nation. Much love from a WRUW programmer!
Listening to WCSB from Denver on frequent rotation. Makes me so proud to be from Cleveland, and to come back and visit. I listen to KGNU, our local community station, which is awesome. I love the incredible diversity on WCSB, way bigger than any other s
I look forward to listening to Mike, every Friday on the Fusion Show.
electric euphorea
For all the Metal shows, especially This is Metal, and the Day man Lost.
I listen to just about everything! But, I dig the Reggae show on Sunday’s, Good Morning Metal, and Grumpy on Fridays!!
Thanks for all these years on air, Keith, Synister, Jeremy!
Crap Radio. Where else can I hear this sort of nonsense?
Please send Hoodie in Black, XL Don’t like this Shopify website
Timmy the Hippie from way back in Stilwell Hall; Steve Traina; Jim Wilson; Cowgirls…; folk, country & W….Blues, TOO!
Crap Radio
Anti Urban Thang for HERB!
I’m a Cleveland Institute of Art alumni and I put y’all on every time I was in the car!
I really love the Grumpy Old Man Show! Its my favorite! And the Fusion Show is really cool too. And the Derek Hess show too. Keep on Rockin’!!!
I really love listening to scary Ellen’s show,the Ray Carr show and science fiction and fantasy but love you all your a great bunch of people and thanks for all you do.
Love The Odditorium!
College radio is the only real radio left, and you guys are the best one in the 2-1-6! Keep it alive!!!
Blues/Sunday reggae shows
I came here because I wanted to listen to the Hour of Slack, and I have been drawn into other shows. African Abstract. Charbel Zacharia’s old radio shows with new backgrounds were great, and their Arabic Radio Program. Highs in the 60’s. Many others.
Oh so Many!!!!: Mysterious Black Box, Anti Urban Contemporary Groove Thang, Heartbeat in the Brain, Payday/Even Cowgirls get the Blues, Eclectic Soul, Taoist Hours of Fun,Morning Jazz and Blues, Universal Soul Express, Not What you Think (Whatever), Afri
Reggae music to the rescue! Stompin Charleston..Brother Lovecand Tommy Fox…Give Thanks and Praises. Been a listener and supporter for years! Irie Vibes…Tommy B
All the live shows are good, even the automation has its moments.
tis gr8
Jazz After Dark is my jam!!! Voodoo Monkey Tattoo
So many good shows and not enough room/time to thank you all!
Hope I did our business name in the correct location on the form (West Branch Malts & Distillery)!
My business’ name is Papp’s Piano Service
Thanks for the shoutouts
Insert Name Here–(DJ-Jerry Koenigsmark)
Love this radiostation!!!
I am the chef/owner at The Kensington Pub in Cleveland Heights. I spend every day in the kitchen listening to your amazing variety of wonderful programing. Keep up the good work.
Thank You, JK.
I love wcsb for what it does for the listeners and programers and community.
Thank you
My favorites were Wainstead and Psychic Dance Hall, if I remember the name right.
WCSB has given me the chance to expand my sonic horizons, learn to host a live radio show, and to meet a bunch of other music weirdos like myself. Let’s keep this thing going.
All the shows are fantastic ????
Thanks for keeping CLE college radio strong!
My source for great art on the radio dial.
Some of my favorites:
Monday Morning Jazz and Blues
Musical Mastermind
Radio Nine (RIP)
Arabic Radio Hour
The Taoist Hours of Fun
There’s no better radio in Cleveland, that’s why!!
Love me some rudis hifi and Monday morning jazz and blues, and anything with brother love!!
I love everything I hear on WCSB, it’s never the same thing twice, always new and interesting.
more honky tonk, keep bringing the soul
You guys keep me sane while I drive around all day. Thanks for all that you do, and keep up the great work and the great music!
Love the Ska show with Monster Boogie Joe!
Thanks for being there.
Hi, It’s great having a local non-com station that has such a variety of programming. Long time listener of Fusion show. Enjoy Rock Rotation, Grumpy Old Man, Sustainable Love Corp., Electric Euphoria, and others. You’re appreciated, keep up the good work!
Derrida. Radio Nomad. The Musical Mastermind. Music of Science Fiction and Fantasy. The Fusion Show. Steve’s Folk. Strange Martini (RIP) and much much more.
Highs in the 60s… my very favorite radio show, broadcast or internet.
Rock,Folk, Blues, Soul, Reggae and Jazz are reasons I listen to WCSB.
89.3. Love you Shlippy.
Hard to make Sophie’s choice when I listen to the station almost 24/7, I Love you all really ! Spread my wealth amongst you all the seven days of the week. Good Luck with your goal
Only listen to you and WRUW! No where else in the country can you find this much great college radio, crated by passionate DJs.
PS – Get off my lawn ya dang kids!
Big shout out to the Grumpy Old Man!!
Grumpy Old Man and Overrated
grumpy old man kicks butt!
Crap Radio
Forest City Sounds
Heartbeat in the Brain
Dricore Grey Area
Millions of Dead Chickenheads
See You in Hell
Live Lost Traxxx
Highs in the 60’s
Anti-urban Contemporary Thing
Eclectic Soul
Land Beyond the Sun
Hour of Slack
All of them!
Esp The Fusion Show & Mysterious Black Box
The Fusion Show
Thank You WCSB Nation
I’ve been listening for over 30 years and discovered many different styles of music through WCSB. Cleveland is very fortunate to have a radio station like this available to us. Thanks.
I have many favorite shows
but Skid Row and the Folk Rotation are definitely two. Speaking of two – I doubled my donation in honor of your goal
Best Cleveland Cultural Institution
This donation is in honor of Potsy, a long time caller and contributor to WCSB talk shows. He was incredibly witty and had the gift of gab. He is now driving that big ice cream truck in the sky.
If you are not listening to Ray Carr and Brother Love, you need to evaluate your life choices
I wanted to give $178.60 (’cause it’s 89.3 times two/I missed last year/etc.), but it made me round up to $179. you guys owe me forty cents. seriously, though, you guys are dope. If WCSB was a person, I’d want to buy it a beer.
s/o to the entire Friday line-up; brother love, radio nomad, and everyone else too! long live WCSB!
Anti Urban Contemporary Thang. Angelo’s Salsa Show.
Anti- Urban, Even Cowgirls/Max Payola
The Fusion Show, Universal Soul Express, Blue Monday, Skid Row, Overrated, The Grumpy Old Man, Friday Nite Rock Rotation, Highs in the 60’s, 666 Oz. of Madness, Monday Morning Jazz and Blues,
German Radio hour
Love me expertly curated shows of all genres!
Mysterious Black Box is outstanding!
Luv Taoist Hour, Liminal Space, 1/2 Way Cottages- everything!!
Many current shows plus a lot from the past
Rudie’s Hi-Fi
African Abstract
Monster Boogie Ska
Latin Salsa Dance Party
In support of Jake Griswold and his longtime commitment to WCSB. The variety of content and shows is wonderful!
This donation is in honor of Mike Schettine, and dedication to WCSB.
It’s so good. I like it a lot. My radio talks to me.
Chris Kofron, Skid Row
I’ve been loving you for over 30 years. You’ve brought so much to who I am! Shoutout to all my Wednesday programmers, brothers and sisters!
Long time listener since 1976. Go Vikings!
Old School (Sunday afternoons), Latino (Saturday afternoons) & Irie Vibes (Sunday Evenings)
Eclectic Soul!
There is a lot of world music in different languages that would normally not be able to be heard in Ohio, so it’s great in my opinion and it’s made better by international volunteers. I met DJ Yue and as her friend I think it’s great for her.
Shout out to Tommy Fox and Iresistable! Thank you for reggae programming!!
The Sunshine Kinkster of course!!!
Many, but especially The Hungarian Hour!
LOVE the 2 Latin music shows and wish you would have them on more often per week
Thanks for all the great music: Monday Morning Jazz and Blues, Blue Monday, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Radio Nomad, Anti-Urban Contemporary Thing, Salsa, Skid Row, Heart Beat in the Brain, Electric Euphoria, Pay Day, and many more!
Ray Carr, Chris Wednesday blues show, Grumpy Old Man.
Miss the Friday morning show after Grumpy
The Ray Carr Show on Tuesdays and Skid Row on Wednesday
Ray Carr & The Grumpy Old Man, not necessarily in that order.
Hey Ray (Carr)! Keep on surfing! If you still have a Gunselman’s gift card, I’ll take it off your hands. If not, no problem. I don’t need anything else. WCSB is the best radio station ever!!
Hey Grumpy Old Man! Thanks for the great tunes every Friday, Dan. Keep on rocking!
love the variety, but especially enjoy Skid Row
You play such grwat music.
Love Electric Euphoria
German Program
Every day.
Into the Void 0f Insanity ROCKS!!
College/independent radio saves us from the corporate entity that music has become. Thank you!
Lisa Miralia and the Wednesday Mysterious Black Box!! The only show I listen to. I have 2.654 years of her shows on my phone.
Into the Void of insanity is awesome!!
I have listened to and loved all Cleveland college radio all of my life. Randy Allar was great and I continue to listen to The Fusion show with Mike.
GRUMPY OLD MAN makes my week!
Here’s some scratch for WCSB!
I promise to stay off his lawn!
Grumpy Old Man rules, and Mike is amazing with the Fusion show!
I like more than a few, but my fav is the grumpy old man
Grumpy Old Man
African Abstract
Iternally Dread Meets Rudie’s Hi-Fi
Hour Of Slack
Thursday Night Rocl Revolution
666 oz. Of Madness
HEY! Grumpy Old Man – this one is for You! thanks for playing the Best music and taking the requests
Musical Mastermind, Latin Jazz Salsa Party, Grumpy Old Man,
The voice of Audrey
Radio Nomad! But I love it all.
Dustin & BlkJuju
Nude Psychic Readings and Tax Advice / Liminal Space
Fusion show, Mike
The best shows on the radioooo!
Rock Rotation (w/John Callahan)
666 oz of Madness
Eclectic Soul
Anything with Max Payola
Love into the void
We love the Saturday folk rotation mob, and our friends Timmie and Chris and John. And a shout out to Bill Kennedy, too.
Khalil Cormier’s Musical Mastermind!
Hello Hungarian Hour!
Welcome, Walter and Elizabeth! Looking forward to your programming of the show in the next several years.
Congratulations and best wishes to Bob on your retirement! I myself will be retiring at the end of the year.
For John on the Music Programme. Keep up the great work buddy.
I really dig Lisa Miralia and Jim Szabo’s shows.
Slovenian program
This donation has been made by Anonymous
Joel Greenlee’s Universal Soul Express and reggae on Sunday night!
Keith, please post some more of the old Scruggs Corp shows, I know I’m 15 years too late, but they are pure genius! Looking forward to some additional shows 🙂
My favorite show is The Music of Science Fiction and Fantasy; absolutely my favorite #left of the dial show! I catch some of the others when I can, but I try to MAKE time for Mark’s show; I’ve been listening for over 30 years
The Fusion Show is Great !
Great Shows – Chris’s Skid Row, Radio Nomad, Fast and Bulbous, many many more!
WCSB is the best radio show in CLE due to the diverse programming offered, eclectic and musically-knowledgable DJs, and its student and community-centered mission.
Long live “Sustainable Love Corporation”!
Mysterious Black Box, Dricore, Hour of Slack, talk shows. All around great station.
We love listening to Songs and Melodies from Beautiful Slovenija with host Edi Mejac.
folk rotation
Shout out to my faves Grumpy Old Man, Derek Hess and Scary Ellen! Hope Fast & Bulbous can come back one day. Cleveland needs college radio stations that expose listeners to music they’ve never heard or that they love, and WCSB does it best!
Great Job!
My husband and I met there in 1974 and were part of the leadership team that put the station on the air in 1976. A shout out to DJ Beth P too!
For being there. Thanks WCSB.
So many good shows and I haven’t even heard most of them. Right now, my favorites are Skid Row, Taoist Hours of Fun, Monday Morning Jazz & Blues, Heartbeat in the Brain, and the Odditorium. I really appreciate the variety of music on WCSB!
Blue Monday, Folk, Ethnic…
I love WCSB because it keeps the algorithms away from me.
My number one reason for loving WCSB is because I am married to the Grumpy Old Man!
Eclectic Soul slaps!
I have always been a huge fan of college radio, especially WCSB. I have been introduced to an incredible amount of new music and ideas. The support for the local music scene from WCSB is priceless. Thank you all for enriching our lives!!!
Please direct this to “Millions Of Dead Chickenheads”. I fell asleep during her telethon show LOL
I love the variety of programming! Sunday mornings, My mom and I listen to The Slovenian and German programs. I also love Bob Hisnay’s Radio Nine show and Scary Ellen’s Millions of Dead Chicken Heads show!
The Fusion Show. The greatest Jazz+Rock programming on the air (and streaming online, too!)
Monday Morning Jazz & Blues, Timmie the Hippie’s Folk Show, Blue Monday, The Folk Rotation
Friday night rock rotation team, all of you rock!!

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Sal Santorre

Best radio station ever!

WCSB 89.3fm