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What are you listening to now? Who are you going to see play? 
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I'm listening to Ode To Cleveland - The Flush Lejohn Song by HotSlaw

by hunchdrunk
2,893 2 03/10/2014 02:35AM
Last Post by rsvalley

Boulder Colorado musician to perform Berea and Cleveland

by sunface
3,916 2 02/24/2014 10:25PM
Last Post by rsvalley

Im listening to Jukebox Willie playin a completely scratched Triumph cd

by sugardaddy
4,955 12 02/13/2014 04:30AM
Last Post by rsvalley

Tours skipping Cleveland this summer.

by thelivingpeterjennings
4,566 9 08/04/2013 10:03PM
Last Post by rsvalley

J. Guy Laughlin, a/k/a Jguy Laughlin

by Carsick James
3,563 3 05/28/2010 02:39PM
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by letsdanceon
3,336 1 05/10/2010 01:46PM
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which is better?

by max
4,271 4 07/13/2009 05:30PM
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R.I.P. - Sky Saxon of The Seeds and Bob Bogle of The Ventures

by lightning fingers
5,849 1 06/30/2009 11:12PM
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R.I.P. - Jay Bennett of Wilco

by lightning fingers
4,212 2 05/24/2009 11:26PM
Last Post by Stand Clear

front porch RECORD SALE (vinyl etc) this weekend at mah house

by d.imburgia
4,206 1 05/19/2009 07:09PM
Last Post by d.imburgia

Welcome Back, Giraffes On Fire

by slull
4,544 1 04/27/2009 03:21PM
Last Post by slull

If You Must Do It, Dress For The Occasion

by CrybKeeper
4,746 1 04/10/2009 06:15PM
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RIP- Lux Interior of The Cramps

by sweetasssassafrass
6,042 12 03/27/2009 03:12PM
Last Post by baronightwolf

669 will not be playing Chris Brown music

by sweetasssassafrass
4,657 4 03/09/2009 12:49PM
Last Post by Stand Clear

Superbowl Sunday's music pix

by Enlightenedpsych2
5,140 2 02/18/2009 03:16PM
Last Post by slull

I love Sun God!

by nomoneymark
5,147 2 02/13/2009 03:44PM
Last Post by sweetasssassafrass

Amy Heffernan

by charliel
4,883 1 01/08/2009 08:36PM
Last Post by charliel

RIP - Ron Asheton

by lightning fingers
4,863 1 01/06/2009 07:17PM
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grocery store songs   (Pages: 1 2)

by shakesomeaction
20,012 50 11/26/2008 11:47AM
Last Post by baronightwolf

Now playing on African Abstract

by kachman
5,280 1 10/25/2008 06:57AM
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by Anonymous User
5,450 1 08/13/2008 08:07PM
Last Post by xpat138


by thedarksiren
5,969 8 08/13/2008 03:39PM
Last Post by Stand Clear

New music that I have been spinning

by Masters of Luxury
5,276 1 07/21/2008 11:08PM
Last Post by Masters of Luxury

PSA song marathon?

by Ben DeDominicis
7,388 16 06/03/2008 04:55PM
Last Post by slull

Most disappointing show cancellations

by CultJam
7,467 20 05/28/2008 10:04PM
Last Post by kristinsgarage

Everyone loves it. You hate it!

by Stand Clear
6,700 20 05/28/2008 09:56PM
Last Post by kristinsgarage

Music for the 4th of July

by Stand Clear
6,256 7 05/28/2008 12:58AM
Last Post by CultJam

Les Breastfeeders

by Stand Clear
6,744 4 05/28/2008 12:56AM
Last Post by CultJam

Pretty Blonde Seeks Nice Long Haired Guy

by Fawn
5,932 11 05/25/2008 04:10AM
Last Post by The Smoking Loon

Attn: Singer/Songwriters- Studio Time Tue/Wed $15/Hr!!! (Columbus)

by analogsoundstudio
4,599 1 04/14/2008 10:38PM
Last Post by analogsoundstudio