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New documentary about the Cleveland Industrial/Noise/Experimental scene!!

Posted by CultJam 
New documentary about the Cleveland Industrial/Noise/Experimental scene!!
August 26, 2010 01:41PM
Trailer for the new documentary about the Cleveland Industrial/ Noise/ Experimental scene. eye popping smiley Full length film to debut later this year.
(features several WCSB djs)

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City/Ruins is a documentary about the Northeast Ohio Experimental Industrial Noise movement in a city crushed by Industrial collapse. Examining the effects of the mired economy on this underground art community and the art that is produced in it's wake. The story is built around interviews and performance clips of those involved in the scene, intertwined with visual evidence of Industrial decay, via montage of decayed landscapes. This is a teaser for the full length feature, which will premiere by the end of 2010. A film by Aaron Vilk and Stephen Petrus.


The Family Chapter
Skin Graft
Arsonist's Prayer
Nyodene D
Murderous Vision
Dead Peasant Insurance
Fascist Insect
Black Mayonnaise
Contamination Diet
Aaron Dilloway
Robert Turman
Glacial Communications
MIchael James
Lisa Miralia
Order Of Melchizedek
Ralph Hausman
and others...

Also Features segments about the history of Cleveland Industrial and the legendary venue Speak In Tongues, as well as the current monthly Audio/Visual/Baptism Festivals.

Re: New documentary about the Cleveland Industrial/Noise/Experimental scene!!
August 25, 2014 04:01AM
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