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Keep our class in shape to get cheap wow gold

Posted by rsvalley 
Keep our class in shape to get cheap wow gold
September 25, 2014 02:47AM
What does that leave us to get wow gold? Rogue hero Acrono of Doomsquad, winner of the 2007 igs.com Skill Contest (along with Vurtne they were able to edge out Neilyo-kun/Drakedog at 3rd and fourth places), shared his thoughts on changes needed to keep our class in shape to get cheap world of warcraft gold .

Rogue overall has become the weakest class on its own. It very much relies on partners to assist to enable them to do their job; on their own their utility compared to hunters, dks, mages, and priests is laughable.

Although I do understand it should be based on group pvp, but cmon, rogues use to be THE solo class, now we need a team of people holding our hand to be viable.
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