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New Races in WoW Expansion

Posted by rsvalley 
New Races in WoW Expansion
September 28, 2014 02:51AM
The Draenei and Blood Elves are two new races introduced in wow expansion. Blood Elves are no longer trusted by the Alliance, these former high elves have joined the Horde to hunt down the demons that destroyed their homeland of Quel' Thalas. Descended from the eredar, the same ancient race as Archimonde, leader of the Burning of the Burning Legion's recently thwarted invasions of Azeroth, the draenei resisted the demonic forces that corrupted their brethren and fled their ancient home cheap wow gold world, devoting themselves to ending the Legion's apocalyptic crusade.

The draanei visited many worlds on their travels and explored much of the known cosmos on their quest to find safe harbor. During this exodus they befriended the enigmatic naaru- a race of beings with a deep affinity for the Holy Light of Creation that empowers the paladins of Azeroth. The naaru blessed the draenei with this power in an effort to help them in their struggle. This makes them a natural ally of the Alliance races who embrace this holy wow gold power.

In addition, the Draenei hold no affinity for certain Horde races. They outright hate the orcs, who nearly drove the draenei to extinction in Outland. And more recently, the blood elves stole technology from the draenei and also sabotaged their dimensional ship which crash landed on Azeroth.
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