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Song about Ohio

Posted by ChrisF 
Song about Ohio
November 17, 2006 08:44AM
I know the songs (by people like Neil Young) which slag off Ohio, but I had never heard one which was actually nice about our State. Until now:


They have a funny little song called Ohio which is kind of lovely (except the bit about the combine harvester!).
- Just thought others should know about it.
Re: Song about Ohio
November 17, 2006 07:35PM
How do you reckon that "Ohio" slags off the state of Ohio? I just did a quick search to double-check the lyrics and don't see anything derogatory about Ohio, just about Nixon, who was from California. Are you sure you're not thinking of "Southern Man"? (Which doesn't point fingers at Ohioans, I know.)
Re: Song about Ohio
December 05, 2006 02:47PM
If you want REAL Ohio-bashing, check out Alex Bevan's "Another Laugh On Cleveland Blues". Radio station CKLW (Detroit/Windsor -- remember THEM?) used to really bash Ohio, especially Ohio State during the college-football days with coach Woody Hayes; a certain impromptu ditty they would play would go: "Liquidate Ohio State/They're a do-nothing party school (etc., etc.)." And another bunch of Michiganians called Die Yoopers, best known on the 'Doctor Demento Show' for their song 'THE SECOND WEEK OF DEER CAMP', mention "terrorists from Ohio fishing for freshwater shark" in their follow-up song 'FISHING WITH FRED'. Fred, by the way, was a beagle.

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Re: Song about Ohio
April 12, 2007 01:45PM
You're all (at least partially ) wrong!

"Ohio" was Neil Young's protest about the Kent State Shootings in 1971. And Nixon was mentioned.

"Southern Man" was a protest about southern white supremacists, specifically the KKK.

The group was DA Yoopers, not DIE. They are known as "MichiGANDERS", not "MichiGANIANS". I have lived in Michigan and know these as fact. Infact, I prefered MI to OH anyday. I will slag OH any minute, any day. And Da Yoopers, a reference to coming from Michigan's Upper Peninsula, or U.P. (hence "Yooper") are actually best known for "Da Turdy Point Buck" and "Grandpa got Run Over by a Beer, Truck", although the two you mentioned are also "popular", at least in MI.

Re: Song about Ohio
April 17, 2007 12:55PM
OK, OK, point taken. But thanks for clarifying.

By the by, Smoking Loon, I'm really sick of the unavailability of women here in Ohio. Is Michigan better in THAT respect, too?

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