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: : anti-christmas reggae song ? : :

Posted by : : sin-jin 
: : anti-christmas reggae song ? : :
December 07, 2006 03:07PM
heard it on Synethesia last Sunday night...lyrics include something like :

"not playing the Christmas game" ... details the Pagan, Roman and materialistic origins/evils of modern xmas... over strong Reggae tune...

interestig song, wanted to know if anyone knows the title and artist?
Re: : : anti-christmas reggae song ? : :
April 18, 2007 01:02PM
"Christmas is Cancelled" by Macka B.

on the "Global Messanger" CD...

(thanks, Tommy)
Re: : : anti-christmas reggae song ? : :
April 13, 2008 04:49AM
Rudie once explained to me that there aren't many pro-Xmas songs in Reggae--its pagan roots are in direct contrast with Rastafarian beliefs about Jah, or something like that. Ask him.

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