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remember perry's rockpile?

Posted by shakesomeaction 
remember perry's rockpile?
August 22, 2006 08:54PM
i just thought of it today. how i was always too scared to ask perry to open the cases with the cassettes in them because i was embarrassed that i didn't have a cd player. plus, you know, it was perry.
anyone know what ever happened to him?
last time he was spotted by someone i know was at an ice cream stand.
Re: remember perry's rockpile?
August 23, 2006 01:25AM
yeah. i also remember that in order to prevent theft he had a sign posted saying, "You are being watched on surveillance camera". i remember all the TRUE high school punks shopped there and all the poseurs went to hot topic. i guess some of the meaner punks would start rumors saying they saw so-and-so purchasing an Operation Ivy t-shirt at Hot Topic (went it was actually purchased at Perry's...how cruel). Those desperate to fit in would claim to steal nofx t-shirts from Perry's, though they'd still be ridiculed for their rancid & offspring tees from junior high.
Re: remember perry's rockpile?
August 23, 2006 10:32AM
I don't remember Perry's but I do remeber Asbestos Rockpyle. Great punk band. We've got them on 7" and cassette.

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Re: remember perry's rockpile?
August 26, 2006 03:01PM
Yeah, I bought a few records at Perry's Rockpile. I wish it was still around. Four used LPs I remember seeing there and wish I'd gotten:

BLOND: Blond. Self-titled 1969/70 album by former members of Swedish pop band The Tages. On Fontana.

NEW COLONY SIX: Attacking a Straw Man. 1969 release by Chicago garage punk-turned-pop band. On Mercury.

PROCTOR & BERGMAN: What This Country Needs. A live "solo" comedy album by two Firesign Theater members. On Columbia.

REFUGEE: Refugee. European prog trio teaming ex-Nice guys Lee Jackson and Brian Davison with future Yes-man Patrick Moraz. On Charisma.

I also miss Quonset Hut and Disc Connection. Does anyone know where you can find Record Collector magazine in Cleveland these days?

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