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Essential Records

Posted by orderdisorder 
Essential Records
April 11, 2007 07:52PM
I love WCSB. There are several shows that I listen to regularly, and I am continually blown out.

In particular, Herb's Anti-Urban Contemporary... is one of the greatest. He plays stuff that I have never heard, and stuff that I immediately need to have in my possession.


I would like to start a list of absolutely essential records that must be in your collection. All genres...No Particular order...No limit to the number of submissions...Comment at will...

Here is a start:

1.The Damned - Damned Damned Damned
2.The Warlocks - Phoenix Album
3.The Who - Live at Leeds
4.The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street
5.Slayer - South of Heaven
6.Dinosaur jr. - You're Living All Over Me
7.Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet
8.Minor Threat - Discography
9.New Order - Power Corruption and Lies
10.Sly and the Family Stone - There's a Riot Going On
11.Ramones - S/T
12.The Rolling Stones - Get Yer Ya Ya's Out
13.Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come Soundtrack
14.The Clash - Sandanista
15.The Pixies - Surfer Rosa/Come on Pilgrim
15.Ride - Smile
16.Linton Kwesi Johnson - Bass Culture
17. Tom Waits -
18. Stooges - Funhouse
Re: Essential Records
April 11, 2007 10:28PM
Replacements - Pleased to Meet Me and Tim
Re: Essential Records
April 12, 2007 05:37AM
David Bowie - Hunky Dory
Re: Essential Records
April 12, 2007 10:51AM
Actually, South of Heaven is great, but Reign in Blood is more essential. Motley Crue, Shout at the Devil. Lynrd Skynyrd, Street Survivors. Def Leppard, Pyromania (LOL, John, but seriously). Phil Collins, No Jacket Required (but Ritalin is).
Re: Essential Records
April 12, 2007 11:53AM
dirtbombs-ultraglide in black

dean martin-dino sings italian love songs (or something to that effect...i'm at work and can't check.

mummies-never been caught

smashing pumpkins-siamese dream

morrissey-bona drag

shark pants-porno snakehead

bloody hollies-fire at will

Drinking Electricity-all your new wave, no wave and post-punk favorites
Friday nights 9pm-11pm
Re: Essential Records
April 12, 2007 02:46PM

I think we need Town Hall Sara to weigh in for the hillbilly massive...
Re: Essential Records
April 12, 2007 08:45PM
I used to love New Order's Power Corruption and Lies, but I don't it has aged well and does does not really transcend the time at which it was made. It sounds too techno w/ cheesy keyboards and programmed drums; I much prefer Movement.
Re: Essential Records
April 15, 2007 04:19AM
Stabbing Westward--Wither, Blister, Burn and Peel. Any Motorhead, especially live stuff. Anthrax, Among the Living. Sade.
Re: Essential Records
August 08, 2007 01:02PM
My Bloody Valentine -"loveless"
KISS Alive!
Spacemen 3 - "Perfect Prescription"
Anything by The Velvet Underground
The first 6ix Black Sabbath albums
Acetone - "Cindy"
The Flaming Lips -"Transmissions from the Satellite Heart"
Melvins- "Whodini"
Little Richard - any of his Specialty albums
Charley Patton - box set
The Pink Sexies - "Rock n Roll Moustache Ride"
The Revelators - "We Told You Not To Cross Us"
Re: Essential Records
August 08, 2007 01:43PM
"ROCK & ROLL" by Vanilla Fudge is another one
Anonymous User
Re: Essential Records
August 09, 2007 09:12AM
I will have to agree with shakesomeaction,

mummies-never been caught

is definitely a "must have" for all you garage wannabes out there. They are influenced by 2 of the most respected bands who get very little credit: The Sonics and The Wailers (not to be confused with with Bob Marley and The Wailers)

Favorite New Band Out There

Live Fast Die - Bandanna Thrash Rock

Hands down and Their 7" Pissing on The Mainframe.

Favorite Comp

Mexican psych out (Garage Latino),

Cleveland Confidential (Regional Comp punk/experimental/Garage)


Zick Zack Record comp (German Experimental Label Comp)

are all tied with me although I do love the

"No New York" Comp

(regional experimental with the Contortions, Mars, DNA and I forget the other band right now.)

Favorite Experimental Surprise find:

Abwartz - Amok (Germany)

Favorite Soundtrack:

Repo Man although I do Enjoy " The Life Aquatic" and "Super Fly" a lot too.

Favorite Kids Soundtrack:


Favorite Clasical Composition:

Frédéric Chopin's - Marche funèbre

and that is what I have for now
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