The tap is small, but not easy
September 27, 2013 03:57AM
The tap is small, but not easy
The leading figure is small, but in home furnishing in the position can play a decisive

role.Robinetterie Vasque If tap water leakage or not good to use every day, will give the family life

brings great inconvenience, so buy leading to pay attention to the following points:
Valve is the heart of the tap. Better quality of the valve core, with strong resistance

to abrasion, good sealing characteristics. Jue home use unique "core strong core

technology", long life of more than 500000, hardness 2.5 times harder than iron, factory

after air tightness test close vacuum state, completely solve the problem of water

leakage of the water faucet.Robinetterie Vasque Prince a strong core technology, can enhance the wear

resistance of 20% spool piece inside, can be compared with similar products with more

than 2 years!
When the choose and buy, should pay attention to the surface gloss, touch no burr, no

pores, without oxidation stain for better. Tap coating quality, smooth, uniform color is

still bright as new use. Jue home water in electroplating is used three plating, the

first layer of acid copper plating to enhance the adhesion, second layer nickel enhanced

corrosion resistance, third layers of chrome colored a beautiful appearance, the

international brand is the use of these technology.
Feel not more smooth.Robinetterie Cuisine
Grand furniture has a third design of water-saving faucet, a resistance in the middle

section of the handle is lifted, there will be slight resistance, to remind the content

range from economic transition to the maximum amount of water.
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