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How to maintain long life tap and some common sense

Posted by wcsbb 
How to maintain long life tap and some common sense
September 27, 2013 09:31PM
How to maintain long life tap and some common sense
The tap is the people of bathroom hardware products contact most of the products. But

the tap to maintenance and related knowledge to you also know how much? How to choose

the good quality products?
Maybe you just bought a new house for a comprehensive renovation of the renovation,

maybe you want more practical fashion, life at home Xiaobian collected massive

decoration home decoration information for you, believe that can help you to create a

more comfortable home.
Early in the morning, when you dragged the pace of lazy to the bathroom, blur in the tap

casing refraction to bright light, you turn on the tap and smooth handle, water awakens

the sleeping you, the water tap is opened for a day in your life is new.
Qiao pick color and style
At present, the market's tap variety, is at the time of purchase feel not know what

course to take.basin taps In fact, kitchen faucet

despite the color, style, style, all kinds of varieties, but because of its easily from

the two aspects of function and structure, so as to find out if you purchased the tap

used where, need what structure can be.
From function, tap into the bathtub faucet, basin faucet, kitchen faucet three,

collectively referred to as the "three piece suit":
1 triple Bathtub Faucet: this leading with two water outlets, a link to a bath shower,

shower faucet connection, for your shower with;
2 double Basin Faucet: this leading in the toilet basin above, bridges shorter, lower,

primarily for people washing clothes, cleaning purposes;
3 multifunctional kitchen faucet: if there is hot water pipeline your kitchen, the

leader should also be double. Exception, kitchen faucet water outlet is higher, longer,

some still hose design, for your washing food with.
The maintenance of well long life
After the purchase of the favorite bathroom faucet how to correctly use and maintenance,

many users feel headache and headache.[url=http://www.mytap.com.au/shower-taps-c-

36.html]shower taps[/url] In fact, as long as the installation, use, maintenance of the

correct methods, the actual life of the tap can be extended, but also can keep bright as

Consumers should pay attention to the following 5 points:
1 please experienced and qualified professional personnel to install. When in

installation, faucet should try not to and hard knock, don't will cement, glue and other

residues on the surface, so as not to damage the surface gloss of coating. If you tap

the use in new housing, because of water supply network is a new shop, the water will be

sand and other impurities, should pay attention to in the pipeline debris removal before

installation, long time water until the water becomes cleaner and can install the

2 open when using do not overexert made adult damage, homeopathic gently rotate. Even

the traditional faucet, also do not need to use great effort to tighten the dead.
3 usually used after leading surface should be clean. Don't put the tap handle as a

handrail to support or use.
4 in the water pressure is not less than 0.02MPa, after a period of use, if found to

reduce the amount of water, and even the emergence of
Water heater flameout phenomenon, cut off the hot and cold water, the outlet with a

wrench in tap water mouth gently twist the screen cover, after careful cleaning

impurities loaded, in general can recover.
A metal hose 5 bathtub faucet should keep natural stretch state, need not be coiled on

the tap.[url=http://www.mytap.com.au/kitchen-taps-three-ways-kitchen-taps-c-30_33.html]

mixer taps[/url] At the same time, in the use or not, pay attention to the joint and

the body of the dead don't tube formation, so as not to break or damage the hose.
From a structural point of view, generally is three kinds big:
1 single handle class: this class leading is the use of ceramic valve core present more

popular as a seal, which has the advantages of flexible switch, easy temperature

adjustment, long service life, the price is in 1300 yuan ~1800 yuan;
2 faucet with 90 degree switch: is the use of ceramic chip sealed, is based on the

traditional double handle, the original rubber seal to be sealed ceramic piece, open and

close when the rotary handle 90 degrees can be divided into cold, regulate water on both

sides, it is easy to open, has more style, price between 700 yuan ~900 yuan;
Spiral 3 traditional steady rise tap type rubber sealing type: because of the large

quantity of water, the price is relatively low, generally in 400 yuan ~500 yuan, and the

repair is convenient, still be part of the public welcome. In addition, some imported

taps are stainless steel hollow spherical seal and valve stem seals, also have full

control, but the price is more expensive.
Re: How to maintain long life tap and some common sense
October 17, 2013 03:35AM
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Re: How to maintain long life tap and some common sense
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