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How to choose the tap

Posted by wcsbb 
How to choose the tap
October 14, 2013 09:01PM
How to choose the tap
1, when the choose and buy the key to see the hand, flipping a switch to feel soft, not hard, such as hand hair acerbity laborious or too light, well illustrated assembly structure. Pledges not to blindly purchase price, the low price of water quality rust, life is short. Buy a quality assurance should try to tap stores. The price of the different quality of water in electroplating have differences. Generally speaking, the main raw material tap into copper and copper, copper and nickel is more advanced hybrid materials.basin taps Because pure copper oxide is not easy to corrosion, after repeated polishing, electroplating benefit, electroplating quality relative Zatong is better.
2, in addition, plating thickness is also very important, some of the smaller, poorer equipment, technical strength is not strong domestic small manufacturers of faucets, plating thickness is only 3 to 4 micrometers, and the thickness of easy oxidation corrosion. In this regard, the electroplating quality Shenluda tap is guaranteed. At present, the faucet, electroplating thickness of 8 microns is international standards, best can reach 12 micron.mixer taps Standard electroplating has dozens of processes, the division of pretreatment, plating, chrome plating, also some will first copper plating, a coating is subdivided into several processes, so many layers are right, and finally to see the results of electroplating quality, uniformity, adhesion, anti corrosion Shen Luda, why the guests in a few years will be to buy Shen Luda, because they found the surface and the use of function after a few years Shen Luda products are still very good, Shen Luda product surface is subjected to rigorous testing and control. The uniformity of the coating can be touched to see some of the doorway, the surface is more uniform, more not easy touch.
3 Influence Factors of water quality in addition to raw materials, production mode and process also plays a decisive role in. Shen long away from labour intensive production mode, replace sb. Is mechanized production. For example in the casting process, some domestic enterprises are still casting with traditional sand casting defects, making products appear inevitable. And Shen is the use of induction furnace and gravity control with independent intellectual property rights of the casting method combining casting machine, not only the products of good quality, high yield, and the work efficiency is the manual operation several times or even several times. In machinery manufacturing processes, most factories use instrument lathe machine tool for processing and purchased, multiple clamping workpiece, often resulting products larger tolerances.shower taps But Shen is used on the workpiece processing of multi station machine tool professional, processing a workpiece clamping can complete the work, the product shape and position tolerance is very small, the function is strong guarantee.
4, choose the tap and accessories, should from the following several aspects to consider:
A, first of all is the processing and quality of plating surface gloss, Shenluda faucet in appearance beautiful, durable wear-resistant, and some brands are easy to wear, flake or corrosion.
B, the leading body is made by bronze or brass cast.
C, the leading internal switch core quality, directly determines the level of the tap and seal life.
D, the faucet handle should expand scope.
E, should be selected water, tap water quickly.
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