Choosing sinks and taps in your kitchen
October 20, 2013 09:24PM
Choosing sinks and taps in your kitchen makeover The availability of a wide range of

kitchen sinks and taps makes it ever more important to make the right choice when it

comes to revitalising your kitchen. A kitchen makeover (changing the doors, handles and

maybe the worktops) is less expensive than installing a brand new fitted kitchen. Even

so, it represents a substantial household investment, so it is essential that the sink

and taps you choose convey the 'look' that you are trying to achieve. This article poses

the questions that will help you make the right choice when it comes to selecting a new

kitchen sink and the tap(s) to go with it.[url=

taps-led-bathroom-sink-taps-c-25_27.htm]sink taps[/url] Style - modern or traditional?

The first fitted kitchens were seen in the post war housing boom of the 1950s and '60s

and it is these houses that probably have the greatest flexibility when it comes to

kitchen styling. You could choose anything from American diner influences with a

bubblegum colour scheme and a huge fridge freezer, to the most ultra of modern kitchens.

Whatever style you decide to adopt, to create an overall look your finished kitchen

should have matching elements.[url=]

kitchen taps[/url] And nowadays doors, handles, decor, sink, taps, floor tiles, wall

tiles and even appliances can be chosen to match your kitchen style. The first thing to

decide is whether you want a modern or traditional look, a contemporary or a country

cottage style. In most instances this will be influenced by the type of house you own.

For example, an ultra modern glossy kitchen may not be the best choice for a thatched

cottage with roses around its front door. On the other hand, a modern open plan

conversion in an inner city warehouse has great flexibility and either a modern or

traditional kitchen would suit. The general rule of thumb is, that the more modern your

house, the more acceptable it will be to install an ultramodern kitchen. Sink - single,

one and a half or double bowl sink? The answer to which size of sink you're installing

depends upon whether you're changing the work top. If you're not changing the worktop

then your choices are a bit more limited because you've really got to replace what was

there before with a sink which is of a similar size, or larger. In other words, if your

'old' sink had a one and a half bowl, then you can replace it with the same again or

have a double bowl sink, just by cutting a bit more of the worktop away. However, you

can't have a Belfast sink or any of the undermounted sinks because the hole in the

original worktop will be too big. If you're changing the worktop then you have much

more flexibility in your choice of sink. Modern sinks can span more than one style

depending upon the design. For example, a ceramic Belfast sink looks great in either a

traditional or a country cottage kitchen, but you can get the same look with a modern

composite or stainless steel sit-in sink to match the rest of your contemporary kitchen.

Taps - pillar taps or mixer, monobloc or twin? Your taps should match the overall

'look' of the new kitchen.[url=]

bathroom taps[/url] It would not look as good having an ultramodern kitchen with handle

-less gloss red doors combined with a Victorian kitchen tap in antique gold. Similarly,

a mono bloc mixer in chrome and volcano black just wouldn't match the image of your

country cottage kitchen. However, some of the options for taps may be dictated by the

sink you have selected - does the sink have single or twin tap holes? Some designs can

be ordered with either which makes life a bit easier. Other designs, such as the

Belfast, sit-in and undermount sinks have no drainer (or they have a separate drainer)

and therefore there's total flexibility in the choice of tap.
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