Re: introductions
November 04, 2006 02:32AM
Call me by any name...

Any way, it's all the same...
Re: introductions
November 09, 2006 12:44AM
I am John X Piche' and I used to be music director at WCSB in the 90s.
and I did a whole bunch of shows - but spent most of my time on the air cohosting with Kole or Vaigl.

I made a lot of people mad.
Anonymous User
Re: introductions
November 22, 2006 01:56PM
you did not make me mad fact you provided me with hours of entratainment for a kid with major imsonia Piche Prince

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Re: introductions
December 20, 2006 01:54AM
hi im ryan-or dj insertfakedjname

i do a show called "the record exchange" or "the record exchange show"

its on late and no one listens to it. i dont think i had to introduce myself cos it was obvious, but i felt like i should to be part of the family. happy family.

whats up with the k, Doctor sinister? did some crazy fan steal the correctly spelled name before you could register??
Re: introductions
December 20, 2006 09:57PM
Mike Nesmith also produced the punk rock classic "Repo Man".

Scruggscorp Syndicated Radio
Sunday Nights, Midnight- 2 AM
Re: introductions
December 21, 2006 08:52AM
yes but what he should really think about producing is a child with me.

Anonymous User
Re: introductions
December 25, 2006 05:17PM
ok so it's me you don't wanna have a child with....hmmm I spell D I V O R C E!
Re: introductions
December 28, 2006 08:12AM
i was waiting to see how long it was before you found that and responded in your normal fashion. haha
Anonymous User
Re: introductions
December 28, 2006 12:00PM
hmmm...that's nice, I hope the couch is really comfortable for you for the month.
Re: introductions
January 02, 2007 03:33PM
What, no Happy Birthday wishes for Mike Nesmith
(December 30th)?
Anonymous User
Re: introductions
January 03, 2007 12:50AM
Sorry I was too busy celebrating the NON-BIRTHDAY of our savior along with the death of the Godfather of soul and was majorly pissed to find out that white America has a conspiracy against Black Musical Legends. Every time one dies a US President has to die too! Reducing the over saturation of coverage that the media is known for.
Re: introductions
January 17, 2007 04:18PM
i'm chad and i like to randomly wander through cities i've never been to and see where my adventure leads me.
Re: introductions
February 01, 2007 01:31PM
i am liz from live transmission, and i finally registered here today so that i could post my playlists. i probably should have done this months ago, but i'm quite good at practicing the art of procrastination.

live transmission: 9-11am thursdays.
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