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Favorite WCSB Message Board Personalities

Posted by krautymckraut 
Favorite WCSB Message Board Personalities
January 12, 2007 03:20PM
4. Deadhead (He was a bit harsh on Yoko, but I
appreciated the link with info about the McDonaldland
characters. I like this guy.)

3. Baronightwolf (Taking an almost investigative
reporter approach to uncovering the wheraebouts of
former callers, Baronightwolf is definitely the
archivist of the board.

2. Ben DeDominicus (Chances are this guy loves your
show. His enthusiasm and gratitude for the programming
is inspiring. His imaginative on-the-job commentaries
are refreshing and heartwarming in a more reserved
Mark Lungo-ish sort of way.)

1. Carsick James (He posts with the fluidity of the
most accomplished encyclopedic-minded rock n' roll
raconteur. Offering acerbic witticism on topics
ranging from playlists to weird movies, Carsick James
is unarguably the Dean of WCSB Message Board
Re: Favorite WCSB Message Board Personalities
January 12, 2007 10:18PM
Ha Ha Ha, Carsick James Dean! I might be the Dean Jones of the message board. If anyone is posting from Parma, they could be the Dean Depiero. And as for Krauty, I'm not sure if he's Dean Moriarty or Dean Martin...
Re: Favorite WCSB Message Board Personalities
January 13, 2007 02:56PM
Oh, well, thank you very much! I think I mentioned earlier that decades ago in Canton, Ohio, I used to struggle to listen to what we called "new wave" music on available student-run radio stations, until U of Akron's station went under (and later reemerged as a pseudo-commercial station). I would go to the local head shop and record store (the Quonset Hut) and commiserate with the store personnel there about the inability to tune-in anything besides WKSU as an alternative. Then, God in the form of the US Defense Department gave us the internet, which eventually provided streaming.

_The Quonset Hut_ doesn't sell music any longer for reasons that the recording industry does not fail to remind us continuously. I hope some kind of accommodation with it doesn't crush college music radio. Maybe WCSB needs to have a paid subscription service for internet access. I would probably pay a few bucks every month for unlimited internet audio stream access to WCSB.
Re: Favorite WCSB Message Board Personalities
January 26, 2007 12:09PM
Why, thank you, Krauty! WCSB has always been a unique organization with unique individuals who relate to something beyond the same-old-same-old. I sometimes think that WCSB has literally given me the gift of a second adolescence, albeit of a less confusing/more intellectually delightful sort. You guys have always been here for me, and I hope I can always be there for you. And needless to say, in my upcoming science-fiction story anthology CLEVELAND ROTS, WCSB actually plays a part in at least one story, and very probably others yet unwritten (mayhap in the one concerning the man-eating squirrels?).
You will be pleased to know that I often encounter young people who tell me they only download music and never listen to radio -- and I immediately tell them about WCSB. Let's face it: there isn't another radio station in the country -- let alone the world -- like you folks. Cleveland college radio is a uniquely rewarding experience, but it has always been WCSB that the others look up to. To paraphrase the Ghoul, I hope you folks can always do it while you can -- AND NEVER GET CAUGHT!

Thank you as always for being there, and as always:

HARK TO THE BRILLIANCE IN THE DARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Favorite WCSB Message Board Personalities
April 12, 2007 11:04AM
It's amazing that on a message board, which has not tone of voice or inflection, that No Mopney Mark still "sound" like he does on the phone. I miss the Quonset Hut. I love lamp, too.
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