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Posted by shakesomeaction 
August 18, 2006 09:20PM
when i was a wee lass, i had a webpage devoted entirely to mondegreens. if you don't know what they are, they're misconceptions of song lyrics. for example, the earliest one i can remember is how i thought, as a child, that roy orbison was singing "holy baloney" instead of "only the lonely" in his classic hit of the same name.
so i guess the purpose of this thread is: what is YOUR favorite mondegreen?

**i wish i knew where to find that old page of mine!**
Re: mondegreens!
August 19, 2006 11:30PM
i still really like that offspring one from "come out and play" where people mistook the line "take him out!" for "drink your milk!"...
Re: mondegreens!
August 20, 2006 12:18AM
what about when andrew sang "I AM A HORSE! I AM A HORSE! I AM A...HOOOORSE!" instead of "i am a whore" from that bush song?
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Re: mondegreens!
August 20, 2006 12:31AM
white zombie "more human than human" I mistook it for more human than paul newman.
Re: mondegreens!
August 20, 2006 10:15AM
i like how all these threads are just the 3 of us talking to each other, when we live in the same house.
Re: mondegreens!
August 27, 2006 05:36AM
What the hell were you all listening to?! How could you mistake those?
Re: mondegreens!
August 31, 2006 02:44PM
In The Police's "Every Breath You Take," when Sting sings "How my poor heart aches," it really sounds like he's singing "I'm a pool hall ace."

"This is No Money Mark. Why are you listening to WCSB Cleveland?"
Re: mondegreens!
September 16, 2006 03:22PM
How about me? Remember the Go-Go's? I thought they were singing "as long as I see you" instead of "our lips are sealed". Go figure.
Re: mondegreens!
September 30, 2006 04:03AM
Heh heh...dumbest of all:


"Oh, thoughts all seem to stray/to places far away..."

As a kid I thought that "to places far away" was "two places of firewood"...as in, you know, two STACKS of firewood in the backyard or something...

Weird. But I WAS NOT dropped on my head as a baby, I assure you.

"The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast."-- Oscar Wilde
Re: mondegreens!
October 03, 2006 11:29AM
When I was a kid, I thought that "You see this guy, this guy's in love with you" was "You see the sky, the sky's in love with you" (kind of the reverse of the Hendrix mondegreen). I mean, who says "this guy" instead of me?
Re: mondegreens!
October 30, 2006 04:58PM
i love that song though. haha burt bacharach. i'm a dork.
Re: mondegreens!
October 30, 2006 06:39PM
Yeah, but that was probably Hal David's doing...
Re: mondegreens!
November 04, 2006 02:37AM
Burt Bacharach songs make me think of the 1967 movie called "Casino Royale" starring Peter Sellers, Orson Welles, Woody Allen, Ursula Andress, and David Niven, which featured many songs by Mr. Bacharach.

I can't believe they finally made a "serious" movie out of it.
Re: mondegreens!
November 09, 2006 01:32PM
Actually, my dear Doktor, the early James Bond movies are somewhat out of sequence with the chronology and placement of the original Eric Fleming novels. Unless I'm mistaken, 'Casino Royale' was the FIRST Jame Bond novel and 'Dr. No' (or was it 'Dr. Kabuki'? -- BAD JOKE!) was the second. But the REAL misstep was the filming of 'You Only Live Twice' BEFORE 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'. Bond's presence in 'Twice' was directly AFTER 'Majesty's' because Bond is in Japan to avenge his wife's murder. But I suppose the producers simply couldn't think of Sean Connery's version of Bond ever getting married, so they went with 'Twice' as a stand-alone sex romp -- albeit a jolly good one.
Re: mondegreens!
November 17, 2006 01:19AM
It is IAN Fleming!!! I know Dr. No was the first movie, butwasn't it the first novel? I'm not sure. Also, George Lazenby made one Bond Flick "Majesty's....", Although Connery returned after that, and again for a couple after Roger Moore's run. Odd. "The Rapists for a million!""

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Re: mondegreens!
November 20, 2006 10:54AM
Well, at least George Lazenby had Timothy Dalton all beat to hell.
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