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Krauty McKraut Playlist (6/7)

Posted by krautymckraut 
Krauty McKraut Playlist (6/7)
June 09, 2007 03:00PM
Popol Vuh- "Bettina" Electric Monster Rock Show: Live German TV Performances 1969-72

Orient Express- "Azzar" S/T 1968

Gene Steiker & Larry Chengges- "In Green Pastures" Straywinds 1973

Fire, Water Air- "Wolf Pack" Golden Sunrise 1975

Che Val Fou- "Sunset Laser" 1970-75

Grodeck Whipperjenny- "Evidence for the Existence of the Unconscious" S/T 1970

Haboob- "Israfil Part 1" (1971) V.A. Kraut Bloody Rageous!

Alexander Skip Spence- "Gery/Afro" Oar 1969

Uganda- "Pigmy" S/T 1972

Jerry Rayson- "Rocbuafro with L.S.D." The Weird Ming In Town 196?

Tokyo Kid Brothers- "title in Japanese" Throw Away The Books Let's Go Into The Streets 1971

Beat Of The Earth- "Our Standard Three Minute Tune pt. 2" Our Standard Three Minute Tune 1967

First International Sex Opera Band- "pt. 2" S/T 1969

Electronic Hole- "The Golden Hour pt. 3" S/T 1970

Children Of Jubal- "Sons of Jubal" Pugh's Place/Children Of Jubal 1972

The Freeborne- "Peak Impressions & Thoughts" Peak Impressions 1967

Nightshadow- "The Hot Dog" The Square Root Of Two 1968

Perpetual Motion Workshop- "Infiltrate Your Mind" (1967) V.A. Psychedelic Experience Vol. 4

The Unfolding- "I've Got A Zebra She Can Fly" How To Blow Your Mind And Have A Freakout Party 1968
Re: Krauty McKraut Playlist (6/7)
June 10, 2007 06:10PM
where ya been?
Re: Krauty McKraut Playlist (6/7)
August 09, 2007 09:15AM
Krauty's show today was the grooviest one in some time.
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