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hot trash playlist 4/5 [special guets: the overnight lows]

Posted by letsdanceon 
hot trash playlist 4/5 [special guets: the overnight lows]
April 06, 2011 07:08PM
*flame-thrower love - dead boys
*i wanna be your man - beatles (request)
*party time - black and whites
*baby sittin boogie - cliff richards
*you're reckless - alex shade and thee haints
*rats revenge pt. 1 - the rats
*i wanna - baby curtis
*arsenic milkshake - hex dispensers
*she's gonna by my baby - nervous eaters


*charlena - sevilles
*sitcom timebomb - throbbin urges
*accident - throbbin urges
*sorry little girl - mystery girls
*lovin machine - wynonie harris
*that girl - mummies

*nowhere, nobody, nothing - spider bags
*mr. misery - garland green
*random hellholes - boulder
*black cat bone - shouting thomas torment
*starkville city jail - johnny cash
*c'mon little jenny - hasil adkins
*couldn't - white trash superman
*work for fun - les sexareenos
*you sucker - ed nasty and the dopeds
*weeble and wobble - les turdz
*bewfre the dog - hentchmen
*come girl - gurus (request)

*flying razorblades - crisis hotlines
*memphis, tennessee - chuck berry
*double dutch bus - frankie smith
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