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hot trash playlist 5/31

Posted by letsdanceon 
hot trash playlist 5/31
June 01, 2011 11:18PM
*let's drive - cave weddings
*i like it like that (pt. 1) - chris kenner
*walk on - mistreaters
*bio machine - tumor warlord
*they don't know - the 5 royales (request)
*a la carte - james holloway
*sussy baila - the cavernarios
*little green bag - the hemingers
*taco tuesday - the hemingers

*negative reaction - shirks
*it's my life - crushed butler
*45 days - the cheniers
*it's only death - testors
*redivider - M.O.T.O.
*cryin blood - jungle fever
*in death - lover!
*slave to the urge - superdestroyers
*submarine - sweet sixteens
*all i've got - maybe baby

*baby come closer - the loot (request)
*sewer man - stomping nick and his blues grenade
*hot peppers - chico booth and the upsetters
*love is gone - moonhearts
*doberman night - guitar wolf
*turn me loose from the noose - rockin ryan and the real goners
*brand new 88 - wizzard
*criminals - thee oops
*number six - thee cormans
*make you mine - the stems
*dementia - static static

*baby get lost - fuck knights
*see saw - don covay
*strange movies - the troggs
*horror hotel - crimson ghosts
*too sweet to be forgotten - newbeats
*fast forward to the gore - annhilation time
*odotan maailmanloppua - kaaos
*she's fine - the spaceshits
*do anything you wanna (pt. 1) - harold betters
*fast livin - ripoffs
*no friend of mine - sparkles
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