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Drinking Electricity Playlist 11-9-12

Posted by shakesomeaction 
Drinking Electricity Playlist 11-9-12
November 09, 2012 11:18PM
*love fuzz-ty segall
*the solo ride-the underlings
*seance-the pow wows (request)
*i'm ready-royal trux
*hits me-the cars
*anyone but you-the pandoras
*roller skate-the jelly babies
*rat race-the specials
*love and pain-the neon judgement
*herpes simplex-rosa yemen
*walk oates walk-milkshake melon
*U.S.A.-the beat
*you and i-silver apples
*strange romance-wet hair
*to cut a long story short-spandau ballet
*muck raker-rocket from the tombs
*daily nightly-the monkees
*stop killing me-the primitives
*it's so difficult-dislocation dance
*never mind-game theory
*here it comes-va-voom
*here is my number-makin' time
*play for today-the cure
*balloon burning-the pretty things
*searching for a thrill-391
*bricks or coconuts-the jacuzzi boys
*danger zone-steve treatment
*oddity-the clean
*a conversation-the ettes
*computers are stupid-spliff
*shadowdrive-the jet black berries
*james bond-ralph & the ponytails
*disco rough-mathematiques modernes

Drinking Electricity-all your new wave, no wave and post-punk favorites
Friday nights 9pm-11pm
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