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Drinking Eletricity Playlist 11-30-12

Posted by shakesomeaction 
Drinking Eletricity Playlist 11-30-12
November 30, 2012 11:17PM
*tired and cold-halo of flies
*smoke-the howlies
*life begins at the hop-XTC (request)
*midnight-the vivians (request)
*platypus-the clean (request)
*superstar-sonic youth
*king's lead hat-brian eno (request)
*everybody's doin' it-the black lips
*uncertain smile (original 7" version)-the the (request)
*destroy everything-white fence
*my uncle's boat-hello i'm a truck
*teen love-no trend (request)
*farmer john-the premiers
*candy-the men (request)
*let's go let's go away-the wipers
*non-melodic-head cheese
*holiday in cambodia-d.j. lebowitz
*high heel, big deal-the spikes
*the big three killed my baby-the white stripes
*i get mad-the philisteens
*(i made love to a) vulcan-screaming broccoli
*perambulator-the icicle works
*tess-weird war
*i know how it feels...bad-half japanese
*back to wonder-section 25
*ramadan romance-the woggles
*fire escape-the scientists
*what will travolta do next?-the sensational shoes
*no name-the lazy cowgirls
*fever-tricky woo
*going to a go go-chi-pig
*i'm gonna leave (scream & shout)-the kravin' "A"s

Drinking Electricity-all your new wave, no wave and post-punk favorites
Friday nights 9pm-11pm
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