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Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - November 2013

Posted by CultJam 
Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - November 2013
November 07, 2013 02:53PM
November 6, 2013

Radiothon specialty premium preview show! All music played tonight comes from recordings that will be available by donating to WCSB's Radiothon Annual Fundraiser next week on Wed 11/14 during my show (7pm-9pm), as thank you-s for your donations, starting at the $10 donation level. (All of them except the Morton Subotnick release).

Thank you in advance for your generous support of WCSB and the Mysterious Black Box, and for planning to help us stay on the air for another year of experimental sound programming. We have masses of fantastic premiums both as specialty premiums from the Mysterious Black Box, and general station premiums from WCSB, to thank you with for supporting us through your donations. New T-Shirt designs and other new merch selections this year + gift certificates to area businesses and the return of classic favorites. For more info on General Station Premiums, you can visit wcsb.org. Stay tuned for more info about Mysterious Black Box specialty premiums, I am compiling the complete lists, and will post them asap!

Playlist from this week's show:

Ancient Ocean - Andrew Weathers split cassette - "Seneca"

From the Songs For Spooky compilation:
Conrail (Rob Resch - Cleveland) - "Waiting On The Deadline"
The Vomit Arsonist - "Daily Cycle"
Reichardt van Grieken - "Dolls With Scars"

Mike Shiflet - Joe Panzner split cassette - "Recollect" excerpt

Stephen Petrus (Cleveland) - Early 4-track Pieces (Volume 3) - untitled excerpt

Moltar - Residual Levitation - "Secrets"

Black Baat (Cleveland) - s/t (Radiothon edition) - untitled track excerpt

Morton Subotnick - Silver Apples Of The Moon - "title track Part A"

Faangface (Cleveland) - Pholk cassette - Side B excerpt

Twig Harper - s/t - untitled track

The Haters - In The Shade Of Fire - "Thuch"


Re: Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - November 2013
November 17, 2013 03:38PM
November 13, 2013

This was RADIOTHON night - Everything I played was from recordings you could donate for as a premium. MAJOR HUGE THANKS to all who donated $$ and premiums to WCSB and the Mysterious Black Box this year! Every single one of you rules smiling smiley Thanks to your generosity and support, we're going to continue broadcasting for another year, bringing you the best in freeform, commercial-free programming!

Here is what I played that night - It was pretty crazy in Main Air, I might have missed writing down a track or two, but for the most part:

Stephen Petrus - Early 4-track Pieces (Volume 3) - untitled track excerpt
Black Baat - s/t - untitled track excerpt
Moltar - Residual Levitation - "Secrets"
Blackfire - The Abbot - untitled track excerpt
Faangface - Pholk cassette - Side A excerpt
XTerminal - Larvatus Prodeo - excerpt
Murderous Vision - Lost - "Somnambulistic Ritual"
Joe Panzner - Mike Shiflet split cassette - "Reconstruct" excerpt
Smiley Orange Beveridge - Songs For Spooky comp. - "Sirious Business"
Murderous Vision + Fascist Insect - Primordial Beings From Dimensions Unknown 12" - Side B excerpt

Re: Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - November 2013
November 21, 2013 02:30PM
November 20, 2013

Thanks again to everybody who donated funds and premiums for Radiothon this year!! Bigtime major thumbs up thumbs down and thank you!!!!! hot smiley

Here is what I played last night:

Relentless Corpse (Cleveland) - Is An Urban Myth - untitled track
Brother Ong (Mike Tamburo) - Mysteries of the Shahi Baaja - Volume 2 - The Perfumed Dragon - "The Silver Cord"

Good Willsmith - 14 Years of Desperate Research - "No-one Wants to End Up With Memory"
Headboggle - Buchla a la Mode cassette - excerpt

Murderous Vision (Cleveland) - Lost - "Inner Realms of Isolation/ Backlash"
Black Baat (Cleveland) - s/t WCSB - untitled track excerpt
Foust! - Jungle Fever - excerpt

Moth Cock (Kent) - Bremmy cassette - "Lil Elk (Pt.2)"
Katze - Berg - "Meeps"
Rale - I Sit By the Window and Watch Walls and Ceiling - "Abnatural Burnings"

So Percussion + Matmos - Treasure State - "Cross"
Forest Management (Cleveland) - Upload - untitled track

Dan Burke + Thomas Dimuzio - Hz - medley

Re: Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - November 2013
November 28, 2013 10:19AM
November 27, 2013

Skin Graft (Cleveland) - Intruder cassette - "Nervous Force"
Dog Lady Island - The Stop Circle of Singing cassette - Side B

Eugene Carchesio - Concert For One Person In a Small Room - medley
Mousecop (Akron/Cleveland) - 20 Years of Mousecop, 1987-2007: The Wild Years - medley

Brad Bolton + Peggy Coyle (Cleveland) - unreleased - "Ohio State Fight Song for Turkey Basters"
Fascist Insect (Cleveland) - March of the Fascist Insect - "1258"

Slant Azymuth - s/t 12" - Side A

Dan Burke + Thomas Dimuzio - Hz - medley
Moltar - Residual Levitation - "Silph Scope"

Bernard Parmegiani - Sonare - "Mouvement 5"
Khaki Blazer (Kent) - Vega Mix Volume Three cassette - Side A excerpt

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