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Drinking Electricity Playlist 3-28-14

Posted by shakesomeaction 
Drinking Electricity Playlist 3-28-14
March 28, 2014 10:53PM
*stay-oingo boingo
*nobody's gonna trip my wire-freeheat
*cool for cats-squeeze
*time has come today-my dad is dead (request)
*discord dance-drinking electricity
*chinese arithmetic-faith no more (request)
*dance to the radio-M.O.T.O.
*rocket USA-loop
*pulse-psychedelic furs
*crimson retrospect-trial
*summer in a small town-cleaners from venus
*all kindsa girls-the real kids
*the rain won't help you when it's over-true believers
*you're black and blue-the exploding hearts
*wot-captain sensible
*kiss the girl-kepi ghoulie
*cotton top-high rise
*the kind of girl i could love-the monkees (request)
*petrol-severed heads
*strange movies-the troggs
*some of them are old-brian eno
*tank-edith nylon
*tears on your anorak-the drivers
*heavy music-bob seger
*the path of least resistance-the human league
*the witch-the mono men
*straighten out-the stranglers
*catch that look-i start counting
*i wanna destroy you-the soft boys
*run run run-hunters & collectors

Drinking Electricity-all your new wave, no wave and post-punk favorites
Friday nights 9pm-11pm
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