Drinking Electricity Playlist 5-29-15
May 29, 2015 10:57PM
*(we don't need this) fascist groove thang-heaven 17
*dig that beat-the bangs
*prince charming-adam and the ants
*falling away-richard x heyman
*i can't explain-blancmange
*guardian angel-human sexual response
*requiem-killing joke
*are you ready for the mountain-the fleshtones
*gates of steel-devo
*fly-the bolshoi
*someone-simple minds
*good times-drinking electricity
*waiting for the sun-the rose of avalanche
*let them all talk-elvis costello and the attractions
*good guys and bad guys-camper van beethoven
*alone again or-the damned
*hold on-nitzer ebb
*seconds-the human league
*beatnik beach-the go-go's
*satellite of love-afterimage
*volcano-turbo fruits
*for a moment we're strangers-the church
*i love the world-new model army
*lucky-golden palominos
*joan of arc-OMD
*never say never-romeo void
*headhunter v3.0-front 242
*independence day-the comsat angels
*my number-foals
*stop/start-the assembly

Drinking Electricity-all your new wave, no wave and post-punk favorites
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