Drinking Electricity Playlist 7-10-15
July 10, 2015 11:05PM
*picture women-the embarrassment
*cause a scene-ghostland observatory
*double garage-voice farm
*whadaya know?-hexes & ohs
*cold rain-screaming trees
*a room lives in lucy-and also the trees
*it's alright baby-komeda
*cut the damn camera-cabaret voltaire
*dream baby dream-black tambourine
*lawn chairs-our daughter's wedding
*wait and see-we've got a fuzzbox and we're gonna use it!
*jazz rats-yip yip
*new way to move-the units
*radio caroline-green
*alisa-cut copy
*your girl, my girl-screams
*cotillion-chin chin
*kewpie doll-the birthday party
*nomad for love (cannibal)-gang gang dance
*trains-minimal man
*poison arrow-the blacklight chameleons
*hearts-the gun club
*crystalline green-goldfrapp
*i will wait-pere ubu
*mad at you-joe jackson band
*josephine-abbreviated ceiling
*i don't feel like dancin'-scissor sisters
*U-men-front 242
*i stood in between-the neon judgement
*why i left the stove on-inkblot

Drinking Electricity-all your new wave, no wave and post-punk favorites
Friday nights 9pm-11pm
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