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tuesday club 8/4/15 7-9 pm

Posted by stephedk 
tuesday club 8/4/15 7-9 pm
August 04, 2015 11:43PM
Hi. My name is Stephen Douglas Kuchna a/k/a Stephe DK. I'm an asshole. Apologies to everyone. No rants this week.

Special Thanks as always to my semi-permanent guest selecta Steve Shippacasse, A Saint In Eeyore's Armor.

This week dedicated to the late Rowdy Roddy Piper ("We put the DIE back in INDIE").

Rowdy Roddy Piper "For Everybody" 1985
Effigies "Body Bag" 1995
Dogs "Slash Your Face" 1978
Lightning Bolt "A Diet Of Grapes And Nuts" 1999*
Esplendor Geometrico "Moscu Esta Helado" 1980
Shellac "Doris" 1993
Men's Recovery Project "If This Is A Gift From The Molecules, I'd Like To See What The Protons Can Do" 1999*
Lake Of Dracula "Plague Of Frogs" 1997
Jonathan Richman "You Can Have A Cellphone That's OK But Not Me" 2008
Gerty Farish "Hootars' 1999*
Easter Monkeys "Cheap Heroin" 1981
Arab On Radar "Miss American Hair Pie" 1999*
Kreamy 'Lectric Santa "Fear Of God" ++
Louise Huebner "The Demon Spell For Energy" 1969
Dropdead "Us & Them" 1999*

PSAs Talking Etc

Les Rallizes Denudes "Ice Flames" 1980 (Mars studio sessions)
Earth "Geometry Of Murder" 1990
Olneyville Sound System "It Ain't So" 1999*
Reynols "Apola Baboro" 2001
Discharge "Protest To Survive" 1982
Astoveboat "What's White & What Bleeds" 1999*
Subarachnoid Space "Lidocaine" 1996

*All of these songs came from a comp called "You're Soaking In It" which we happily discovered tonight. It was released in 1999, but the recordings may be from earlier. I really didn't feel like doing that much research right now.

++I may have played this on the wrong speed, but it's KLS, who can tell??

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