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Millions of Dead Chickenheads playlist August 12, 2015

Posted by Mary Ellen Tomazic 
Millions of Dead Chickenheads playlist August 12, 2015
August 13, 2015 12:50AM
Playlist for MDC 2 show #14, 8/12/15:

GBH - Cadillac One
Necros - Crash, Search for Fame, Power of Fear - Live in 85
Killer of Sheep
Motorhead - Back at the Funny Farm
Seizure - Frontline
Turbonegro - Midnight Nambla, Deathtime
Latin Dogs - Killed in Jail
Clash - 1977
Luxury Pushers - Just Like Faye Dunaway
Trend - Band Aid
Discharge - War Ain't No Fairy Tale, Decontrol
Cleveland Compilations & rarities:
ODFX - Swine Hund Doggie 2 Minute Hate, Just Found Out, Strike
President Reagan - We Begin Bombing in 5 Minutes
Spike in Vain - Ugly and Damaged
Offbeats - I'm Confused
Civilian Terrorists - Alternative Energy, others (demo)
The Dark - Screeching Metal
Ragged Bags - Despair
Lurid - Don't Ask
Devo - IQ32, Ubangi Stomp
Rubber City Rebels - Child Eaters
Pagans - Johnny Dromette intro; Dead End America, She's a Cadaver
Shadow of Fear - Now's the Time
Idiot Humans - Dressed in Green
Rocket from the Tombs - Final Solution, Muckraker
The Guns - ,Shut Up, Support, Your Mistake, Parasite, Victim (1990 reunion)

26 bands, 44 tunes, 2 hour rampage.

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