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Tuesday Club, 9/1/15, 7-9 PM

Posted by stephedk 
Tuesday Club, 9/1/15, 7-9 PM
September 01, 2015 10:59PM
Very Special All "Robyn Nice" Edition. All taken from actual releases, not MP3s.

*Robyn Nice is a pseudonym for an anonymous artist who has been self-releasing records under different names since the mid '90s

Learn more here: [rojvi.blogspot.com]


1. That Twisted Look "Dome" (release/ recording year unknown)
2. Surprise Symphony "Spaces Between the Lines" 1998
3. Men & Their Plants "Not Here" (release/ recording date unknown)
4. Magic Island "Up & Away" 1998
5. Kyte "Softly Screaming" 1998


6. Jim Collins "Jesus" 2003
7. Jim Collins "Walk In The Country" 2003
8. Terry "Feel It Coming On" 2003
9. Terry "Born In A Hole" 2003


10. C.C. "Everyone Goes" 2006
11. C.C. "Where There Is No One" 2006
12. C.C. "No Funeral"
13. C.C. "She"


14. Zelda Rising "Argos Rising" 2005
15. Zelda Rising "House Of Argos" 2005


16. Boots "The Change" 2006
17. Snake & Remus (untitled) 2006
18. Boots "I'm A Farm" 2006


19. Arian Sample "The Gift" 2007
20. Tommy Roundtree "Here In This Meat Department" 2007
21. Gary Keller "Every Other Mind Game" 2010
22. Tommy Roundtree "Brown" 2007
23. Carlos Calderon "Inner Circle Blues" 2013
24. Ray Diaz "Magic Is Everywhere" 2013


1. The "That Twisted Look" album and "Men & Their Plants" EP are ONLY available as downloads. I assume these were released (if in fact they ever were) as home made cassettes. Late '80s- Early '90s is the 'assumed' era of recording. Nobody I'm aware of has ever seen actual physical copies of these releases. If you have one, feel free to contact me. A fool and his money are soon departed.

2. I have two different copies of the Surprise Symphony album. One is a legitimate, apparently actual CD copy of the album, released on a label ("Blackberry Records") that our pal supposedly used to run. It has what appears to be hand silk-screened cover art in a cardboard gatefold mini sleeve. The other copy is a CDR from Hammond, Louisiana Damien Youth's "label," which is pretty much completely fake like my high school shit (except these guys were already like 30 when they were doing this theoretically)... It does have an actual picture of them on the back though. Now that's worth it! That might be our man in the lower left corner!

3. Kyte is basically a Damien Youth solo record with music and arrangements by Mr. Nice. Youth handles the vocal duties on this album. This is a CDR with a gatefold sleeve from Zygote in Louisiana.

4. The Jim Collins & Terry albums have the same release "date," but this is in some dispute. For one, these records are only rarely carried by any kind of 'normal' distribution channel, so "release date" generally refers to when collectors first became aware this item existed. Secondly, as someone who has (obviously) spent way too much time listening to this stuff, I do not believe there's any reason to believe that this material is being released in any kind of chronological order.

5. C.C./Boots/Snake & Remus was made available as a 3 LP box set from a defunct Canadian noise label called HP Cycle. Two of the records appear to have hand stamped labels. The third (Snake & Remus) has no track titles or song listing of any kind. The LP covers have small stamped pieces of paper with the titles glued to them. The prevailing theory is these are archival recordings, perhaps pressed prior to this release and not distributed that are collected here. One side of one of the records (I can't remember which) is just crickets, a faint bonfire, and some even fainter laughing & revelry. I can't recommend it enough. One of the easiest to obtain of this cat's work.

6. There are two LPs, available since 2005, "Zelda Rising" and "Life Lives" that are instrumental freak/free jazz.

7. Everything since 2005 or so hasn't had any kind of cover art or information whatsoever. Just a blank sleeve with a hand-stamped (or in some cases, such as Gary Keller, apparently hand-written) title and 'artist' name. No credits, no dates, no copyrights, nothing. No distribution.

8. The 2013 release "Rt. 1- Box 320 A" is 10x7" records in a stamped box. The first couple run at 45, the rest at 33. All credited to different names, though obviously all by the same artist.

9. In our modern internet age it is possible to learn this person's real identity, but I strongly caution you, if you become as OCD about his work as I have, not to reveal it. The beauty of his art relies in large part on his anonymity. To rob him of this is to ruin what he has been working his whole life to achieve. Respect must be given.

10. I shouldn't be telling you this and I hope you don't listen.
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