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Filly Mcfillin & Friends Monday Morning Breakfast/Brunch Exchange Farewell Show (9/17)

Posted by krautymckraut 
Filly Mcfillin & Friends Monday Morning Breakfast/Brunch Exchange Farewell Show (9/17)
September 18, 2007 01:03AM
It appears this show was a humongous flop and will be cancelled only a week after the pilot episode. WCSB is now wondering who greenlighted this.

Billy R. Couvson- "Tonight Is The Night For Love" Bongo Sensational Soul 1977

Jackpine Savage- "Punching Bag" Together 1971

Satan and Disciples- "Satan's First Theme" Underground 1969

Coyote- "Flat Chested Woman" S/T 1973

Barbara- "Song For The Unborn" Sings For Life 1973 (one of the better pro-life christian propaganda downer acid folk albums of the early 70s)

Wendell Austin & The Country Swings- "LSD Made A Wreck Out Of Me" (1967) V/A Wavy Gravy

Parasites Of The Western World- "Mo" S/T 1978

Golden Grass- "Elastic Solider" (1968) V/A Psychedelic Experience Vol. 4: Ultra Rare Acid Punk Fuzz Monsters From The 60s

Young Ones/Cykle- "Harbor Melon" Cykle Featuring The Young Ones Plus Rhodes Scholars 1969

Robbie The Werewolf- "Vampire Man" Live At The Whaleback 1964

Churls- "Crystal Palace" S/T 1968

A To Austr- "Thumbquake and Earthscrew" Musics From Holyground 1970

Michaels and Hack- "Rainbows Are For Real" Back To Back 1978

Betty- "Handful (of Love)" Handful 1971

Plastic Cloud- "Shadows Of Your Mind" S/T 1968

The Raven(s)- "Calamity Jane" Now She's Gone/Calamity Jane 1968

The Human Expression- "Love At Psychedelic Velocity" Love At Psychedelic Velocity 1967
maybe we could start a letter writing campaign to the acid damaged management of 'CSB...time to send up a crate of cough syrup and downers
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