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Tuesday Club, 4/26/16, 7-9 PM

Posted by stephedk 
Tuesday Club, 4/26/16, 7-9 PM
April 26, 2016 09:54PM
Peter Brotzmann/ Frank Samba/ Dieter Manderscheid- Danquah Circle 2002
Negativland- Drunk At Last, A Date With Ham, Etc 1989
Nurse With Wound- Beetle Crawls Across My Back 1993
Malaria!- I Will Be Your Only One 1981
Prince Sissokho- Toumaranke date unknown
Ame Son- Ecolosion (Marie Aux Quatre Vents) 1970
Heron Oblivion- Beneath Fields 2016


Gate- To Kiss The Wave 1996


W-2- (excerpt from side 1 of their self-titled cassette) 2015
Stephen David Heitkotter- Hangin' All Night 1971
Brian Eno- Needles In The Camel's Eye 1973
Gong- Hip Hypnotize You 1970
Mark Alexander McIntyre- Caught And Hung 2013
Bitchin' Bahas & Bonnie Prince Billy- Despair Is Criminal 2016
Terry (aka Robyn Nice)- Clown Clouds 2002


Anthony Braxton/ Derek Bailey- The Victoria & Albertville Pt. II (excerpt) [live] 1986
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