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Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - October 2018

Posted by CultJam 
Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - October 2018
October 05, 2018 03:08PM
October 3, 2018

Tonight's show featured music from bands performing in the area over the next week and new releases.

Matt Weston - This Is Your Rosemont Horizon - "Special Apparatus For Coercion"

Organic Dial (Cleveland) - Pristiq ep - "Finger Drips"
Forest Management - 21st Century Man - "2079 / Entry"

Scy1e - For Enmossed/Aphadion - "For Enmossed"
Hatchers - Spectral Lines - "Lessing Gaps"

Sediment Club - Stucco Thieves - "Shadow Soon / Hydraulic Saint"
The Dreebs - Forest of a Crew - "De Beers / Love Your Body"

Taiwan Housing Project - Veblen Death Mask - "Luminous Oblong Blur / Subterranean Pedigree"
Low - Double Negative - "Quorum / Dancing and Blood"

Bubblegum Octopus - Critters - "Gems In The Dirt"
High aura'd + ASAMA (half Cleveland) - Oil Pourer - title track excerpt

Re: Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - October 2018
October 14, 2018 12:59PM
October 10, 2018

Tonight's show featured Soft Machine and Yamantaka//Sonic Titan ticket giveaways along with new releases and music from bands performing in the area over the next week.

Yamantaka//Sonic Titan - Live from CBS Music First Play May 2018 - live set excerpts

Soft Machine - Third 2xlp - Side A "Facelift"
Ticket Giveaway (Soft Machine)

Andrew Bernstein - An Exploded View Of Time - "Boogie Woogie Phase / Deus Ex Machina"

The Architect's Wife (Robin Guiler + Josh Novak - Akron) - Sleepover - Side A

Kuzu - Hiljaisuus - "Fontanelles 2"
Charalambides - Charalambides: Tom And Christina Carter - "True Love"

Ticket Giveaway (Yamantaka//Sonic Titan)

Re: Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - October 2018
October 18, 2018 02:19PM
October 17, 2018

Radiothon Premium Preview show #1 + Tune-Yards / U.S. Girls event Ticket Giveaway.
Tonight's show featured a preview of Radiothon Premiums (recordings you can get by donating to WCSB's annual fundraiser called Radiothon during my show - Wednesday 11/7), along with a ticket giveaway for the Tune-Yards / U.S. Girls upcoming event.

Faaangface (Joshua Novak - Akron) - Pholk cassette - "Red River Blues"
Ensemble, Et Al. - The Slow Reveal cd - "Ondrejko"

Seth Graham - No.00 in Clean Life cassette (Orange Milk label) - "Fate in the Key of Raspberry"
Loto Retina - Fiction cassette (Orange Milk label) - "Canal Xylo Sat1"
Genetics and Windsurfing - Nonlinear Record cassette (Orange Milk) - "Text Editors, Monotheistic Religions and X-rays"
Bruce Smear - Chlorine 12" vinyl (Orange Milk) - "Junktion"
Darren Keen - He's Not Real 12" vinyl (Orange Milk) - "I Don't Believe You Heard Me"

dRachEmUsiK (Charles Shriner) - Abstract Electronic Music 1 cd - "Coolio, Improvisation"
Faux Pas Quartet (Charles Shriner project) - MflT Favorites Vol 1 cd - "Spikz Can Haz Gitar Part 1"

Event Calendar

Dag Rosenqvist + Michael Collings - Hello Darkness cd - "Grey"
Dag Rosenqvist + Rutger Zuydervelt - Vintermusik cd - "Frost/Vries"
From The Mouth Of The Sun (Aaron Martin + Dag Rosenqvist) - Woven Tide cd / 12" vinyl - "Snow Burial (While Blue Skies Gather)"

Ticket Giveaway for Tune-Yard / U.S. Girls event
Tune-Yards - I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life - "Look At Your Hands / ABC 123"

Matt Davignon - Living Things cd - "Markhor"


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Re: Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - October 2018
October 25, 2018 08:28AM
October 24, 2018

Mysterious Black Box Radiothon Premium Preview Show #2 - Playing all recordings you can get as thank you premiums for donating to WCSB Radiothon during my show - Wed Nov.7th - 7pm-9pm. (All cassettes come with digital download codes.)

A Saucerful Of Lies (Cleveland) - s/t cd - "Part II excerpt / Part V excerpt"

Shells - Another Time cassette (Unifactor) - title track excerpt

Sick Llama - Stage Poison 2xcassette (Unifactor) - "Payment Site" excerpt

Mukqs - Slug Net cassette (Unifactor) - "Cuties Cry Next"

New Hard Folk - s/t cassette (Unifactor) - "All of the Places I've Never Been"

Headlights (Headboggle + Aurora Josephson) - The Radio Plays cassette (Unifactor) - "A5 / B6"

High Aura'd (John Kolodij - Cleveland) - If I'm Walking in the Dark, I'm Whispering cassette (Unifactor) - "I'm Whispering" excerpt

Event Calendar

Matthias Urban - Passagen cd (Experimedia) - "Studie V (Immun)"
Pascal Savy - Dislocations cd (Experimedia) - "Shadows out of Time"

Karl J. Paloucek - Sail cd - "Jutland"

Matt Davignon - Bwoo cd - "Click Sel"
Matt Davignon - SoftWetFish cd - "Lying in grass, gazing upwards at 11:30pm"

Onewayness (Adam Holquist) - Random Oracle cd - "Nanocosm/Part in Peace" excerpt

Re: Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - October 2018
November 01, 2018 09:10AM
October 31, 2018

Spooky Radiothon Premium Preview Show #3 and Black Moth Super Rainbow Event Ticket Giveaway - Playing all selections you can get as thank you premiums for donating to WCSB's Radiothon during my show next Wednesday 11/7 - 7pm-9pm. (all cassettes come with digital download codes).

From Flag Day Recordings:

Moth Bucket - The Rich Have Interchaneable Heads cd - "Netflix" excerpt
Christopher S. Feltner - We All Walk Through Fire, But Not Everyone Burns cd - "We All Walk Through Fire"

Guillermo Pizarro - Harmonic Poems cd - "Aokigahara" excerpt
Praxis Cat - V/A - The Great Krell Machine, Vol.1 comp. cassette - "The Silver Krell"

Grave Blankets - s/t cassette - "Elegy (For Alex)" excerpt

Event Calendar

From Misanthropic Agenda:

Gerritt Wittmer - Creation Stories cd - "Tomorrow Isn't Coming (Francisco Meirino remix)"
Jason Crumer - Walk With Me cd - "Pining"

Francisco Meirino - The Ruins cd - "Exposition"
LHD - Limbs Of The Fawn cd - title track excerpt

Ticket Giveaway -
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Panic Blooms - "New Breeze / Backwash"

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