Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - September 2019
September 07, 2019 07:30AM
September 4, 2019

Tonight's show featured new releases/reissues and music from bands performing in the area over the next week.

Andrew Kirschner (Cleveland) - Severed by the Thought of a Thread - Side B

Frode Gjerstad + Fred Longberg-Holm + Matthew Shipp - Season of Sadness - "part 7 / part 8"

Francisco Meirino - Three Realizations For Ensembles - "Epidemic - for Ensemble Phoenix Basel"

Event Calendar

Crawl Of Time - Operation Black Widow - "Section V" excerpt

Obsidian Needles - The Tonic Lounge 6-4-2019 - Live set excerpt

Envenomist - Unsettled Sunless Seas - "The Smothering Sky"

Coppice - Head Turning Songs - medley

Neptune - Gong Lake - "Lightning and the Flight of the Birds"

Re: Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - September 2019
September 15, 2019 08:35PM
September 11, 2019

Tonight's show featured Label Spotlights new/recent releases from two fine labels: Unifactor (Cleveland), and Flag Day Recordings (PA).

Arian Shafiee - Arabic Voice (Unifactor) - "Emperical Sudan (arc)"


Marilu Donovan + Tristan Kasten-Krause - Nowhere (Unifactor) - "Nowhere"

Kyle Landstra - Bloom Lake (Unifactor) - "Love in a Mist" excerpt

Endurance - We Can Sleep Now (Unifactor) - "The Mountain"

Curved Light - Airs of Modality (Unifactor) - "The Invocation/Final Encounter"

Event Calendar

Jen Kutler - The Ways We Wait (Flag Day Recordings) - "The Wait"

Michael W. Feldstein - Pretty Boss (Flag Day Recordings) - medley

Manja Ristic - The Black Isle (Flag Day Recordings) - "Black Forest"

Grave Nature - Ascending (Flag Day Recordings) - "Twin-Bodies"

Like Weeds - Ourselves Alone (Flag Day Recordings) - "The Gourock Order"

Bridges Of Konigsberg - Considered Parallel to Borders (Or Dividers) (Flag Day Recordings) - "Healthy Choices"

Without Mirrors - s/t (Flag Day Recordings) - "Drops"

Re: Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - September 2019
September 20, 2019 10:00AM
September 18, 2019

Tonight's show featured Label Spotlights with new and recent releases from Hausu Mountain label (Chicago) and FTAM Productions label (Milwaukee).

Eartheater - Metalepsis (reissue Hausu Mt) - "Homonyms"

Machine Listener (Cleveland) - Colubrid (upcoming 9/27 Hausu Mt) - "Lychguard"

Khaki Blazer (Kent) - Optikk (Hausu Mt) - "Black Mesh"

M. Geddes Gengras - I Am The Last of That Green and Warm-Hued World (Hausu Mt) - "Zoltan" excerpt

Nonlocal Forecast - Bubble Universe! (Hausu Mt) - "Wave Nature"

Tiger Village (Cleveland) - Modern Drummer (Hausu Mt) - "Ooh La La"

Andrew Bernstein - An Exploded View of Time (Hausu Mt) - "Boogie Woogie Phase"

Eli Smith - Generation/Moon Inside ep (FTAM) - "Generation"

Event Calendar

C. Olivia Valenza - Noumena/Bruises (FTAM) - "Artifacts"

Pleasure Thief - Cthonios ep (FTAM) - "Mirror of Dionysus"

Murder in the Red Barn - Space Album/Smell Where the Real Power Is (FTAM) - "It Was Us..."

Guns Blazing - Space Album/Smell Where the Real Power Is (FTAM) - "Like a Sieve"

Kyle Flanagan - Mind Eraser ep (FTAM) - title track

Taskmaster - s/t - untitled excerpt


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Re: Mysterious Black Box - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm - September 2019
September 29, 2019 10:00PM
September 25, 2019

Tonight's show featured special guest and Mysterious Black Box Radiothon supporter Caleb Lutz up to spin music and talk about life. We were joined later by his Concave Onion bandmate Tyler Jasterbowski.

WE PLAYED (sometimes behind the talk):

King Crimson - Red - "Starless / Fallen Angel"

King Crimson - Discipline - "Elephant Talk"

Norihiko Hibino - Metal Gear Solid 3 soundtrack - "Snake Eater (instrumental version)"

Angelo Badalamenti - Music From Twin Peaks - "Laura Palmer's Theme"

Julee Cruise - Floating Into The Night - "Falling"

couple Grateful Dead tracks in honor of Robert Hunter R.I.P.

Angelo Badalamenti - Music From Twin Peaks - "Twin Peaks Theme"

Erik Satie - Pianoworks-Gymnopedies & Gnossiennes - "Gnossiennes 1,2,3"

Concave Onion (Cleveland) - The Very Best of Concave Onion, vol.4 - "A Tour of Cat Prison (a prison for cats)"

Sarah Boyle (Cleveland) - serkaboyle soundcloud - "Freckles"

Concave Onion - Nois Bois III: Sad Bois {3} - "Which Lead Me To Confront My Inner Demons With The Only Thing I have: A Bottle"

- Caleb's recording arts and sound engineering studies and experiences
- What it was like being on the stage crew for King Crimson
- Had an incoming absurdist remote phone call from Concave Onion bandmate Tyler Jasterbowski
- talked about Caleb's band Concave Onion and their origins
- Were joined by Tyler and talked more about their band, sound engineering, the physics of sound, and other random things.

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