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Krauty McKraut playlist (11/16)

Posted by krautymckraut 
Krauty McKraut playlist (11/16)
November 16, 2006 12:56PM
Moolah- "Crystal Waters" Woe Ye Demons Possessed 1974

Edward M. Zadja- "In March For Ann" Independent Electronic Music Composer 1965

Smegma- "Ladies Night at the Ortho Lounge" Glamour Girl 1941 1978

Brush- "Die A Dog's Death (In Vain)" S/T 1971

Blo- "Miss Saggitt" Chapter One 1973

Vinegar- "Fleisch" S/T 1971

Exmagma- "Tonjes Dream Interruption" S/T 1973

Grand Theft- "Closer to Herfy's" Hiking Into Eternity 1972

Bump- "Spider's Eyes" S/T 1970

Ellufant- "Ubiquinon" Release Concert 1972

Joakim Skogsberg- "Offer Rota" Jola Rota 1972

Q65- "Sundance" Revival 1969

Ahora Mazda- "Spacy Tracy" 1969

Twink- "The Sparrow Is The Sign" Think Pink 1970

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