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hot trash playlist 11/13 (theme: GET PISSED!)

Posted by letsdanceon 
hot trash playlist 11/13 (theme: GET PISSED!)
November 18, 2006 12:48PM
*the worst that could happen - brooklyn bridge (hahahahaha)
*(i know you been) runnin around - radio beats
*puke on you - reatards
*lipstick on your collar - saints
*get out of my life - little willie and the adolescents
*you told a fib - gene vincent
*are you an idiot or a nitwit - f.y.p
*you lied to me - gore gore girls
*why don't you lie? - king kahn and bbq show
*you were telling lies - castaways
*dumb, blind and horny - rocket from the crypt
*i can't stand you - sights
*suck on this - moo-rat fingers
*die die die - glorified trash
*lie detector - delmonas
*the last to know - thrills
*stupid face - functional blackouts
*devil in disguise - elvis presley
*you lied - swains
*bad man - oblivians
*sometimes good guys don't wear white - standells (request)
*i hate your guts - loli and the chones
*personality crisis - new york dolls
*lies - knickerbockers
*don't hide your hate - filth
*you make me sick - rat traps
*there's something wrong with you - screamin jay hawkins
*ain't gonna cheat on me - castaways
*you lied to me honey - four slicks
*your life is shit to me - kill the hippies
*i don't believe you - parasites (request)
*you lied - angry angles
*you're nuts - teenie cheetahs
*i don't wanna walk around with you - ramones (request)
*liar liar - castaways (request)
*heartbreaker - jewws
*typical jerkoff - carbonas
*fake fake fake - teengenerate
*indian giver - ramones
*all dick no brain - cyclones
*i don't care about you - fear (request)
*sissy jerk - supercharger
*girl after girl - fevers
*still crazy - exploding hearts
*bet ya lyin - scientists
*so messed up - damned
*messin around - datsuns
*no heart - vibrators

SUCK IT!!!!!
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